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  1. I've updated the ROM. It's mostly uniform improvements & some additional text adjustments using the HEX editor. I think nostalgic hockey fans such as yourselves will really dig this one. It features many of your Hockey Night in Canada favourites, and there are many subtle nods to the NHL series on the Super Nintendo scattered throughout this ROM. I've also optimized the colours on this ROM for viewing on a Sony Trintron. If anyone can figure out a way to slim Ron Barr down so he looks a bit more like CBC's Ron MacLean, this would be greatly appreciated. One roster move has been
  2. This is a roster hack where I've placed the best early 90's NHL players in their most fondly remembered early 90's teams. I've mostly based the rosters on the '92 to '96 era. The golden age of NHL games on the SNES. It isn't a perfect science but every player is on only one team, no duplicates, and 100% of players have their proper jersey numbers, with no duplicates there either. Every player rating has been meticulously arranged to reflect player abilities as I remember them. The accuracy is remarkable, folks. Hextall on the Flyers, Nedved on the Canucks, Gartner on the Capitals, Le
  3. To be more specific, I need help changing the colours of 4 main menu logos in particular. -I would like to make the Florida Panthers logo white, so that it resembles the Nashville Predators logo. -I would like to make the Tampa Bay Lightning logo red, white and blue so that it vaguely resembles the Blue Jackets logo. (my attempt at this one is pictured below and it's not very good) -I would like to make the Wales Conference logo maroon, white & light blue. -I would like to make the Campbell Conference logo green, yellow and black. I've messed around with the SNES Palette Editor and I
  4. I'm curious to know how you've managed to change the colours on the team's logos. Was it a hex editor? Some SNES graphics editor? I've looked throughout these forums and have been unable to find an answer to this question.
  5. How is this project coming along anyways? Even the ability to simply remove some logos would be a welcome addition. In any case, thanks for doing this.