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  1. I say yes to hughes!!!!!!! that would be soo good.
  2. thanks 4 the game! your the first person to get vertanen right... also as a canuck fan could you squeeze quinten huges into the game cause canucks do not have anyone to run their power play :)
  3. i am surprised no one mentioned Brent Gilchrist. he is hard to knock down and keeps Dallas a puck possesion team and creates space. other then that good analysis.
  4. is there a way to make two people in the stands green? possible by the penalty box?
  5. i think you were saying that they only have 30 nfl teams for tsb3 but it does matter as much in NCAA football because it would be impossible to do all 120 teams from div 1. Ya alot of these guys do nice work. i had a link to clockwise's 94 rom their and i thought i'd share the magic of this rom over here.
  6. i've been playing clockwise's NHL 94 2011 and realize that this game is tops but i thought it would be selfish not to share this link. It's a ncaa football hack from TSBIII for snes . these guys also put a lot of work into. http://knobbe.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=14154
  7. Just a quick question...Is this nhl94 perfection? cool rom .
  8. i need this game!!! any updates on your work? i like the idea of using rosters, lines, and ratings from NHL11. Are you doing anything with the music, i liked the opening soundtrack to this post. believe it. It's in the game. support movember.
  9. great ganme! just wondering if you used the same ratings for the players from nhl 94?
  10. Wondering if you have started the updates yet or if you needed any help with roster names.
  11. After playing your game religiously i wanted to thank you for a well made rom. I like the personality of the game and have enjoyed playing this as much as when i first found nhl 94. Great work and look forward to future editions.
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