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  1. Yeah, let's get something going either way. It does sound like this is pretty much an A league against B league arguement in regards to re-drafting. Let's let Frey decide and go from there, it's not like anyone is going to quit based on which way the league goes.
  2. Whatever option this post lands is where I would like my vote, I assume B.
  3. Yes, B league wasn't that strong last season... I assume I will be in A next season depending on who comes back.
  4. I like the Robbie idea in its simplest form as it used to be done that way. Round 1 is open pick, only 1 guy can be drafted per team and you only do protect picks in the even round, you don't have to submit protect picks before the draft begins. I also might throw in only 2 total protect picks (round 2 and 4). Protect picks in rounds 6, 8, 10 and 12 are meaningless.
  5. If we can get some kind of B league you can add me to the waiting list.
  6. Great idea... I would really be in favor of this.
  7. The B finals are complete. Frey, let us know how to get the krecs and/or save states to you.
  8. I don't have the great write up that chaos did but Calgary will meet LA in the B finals.VGGs with minpind.
  9. In B, the Kings are headed to the second round with a win over the Blues. GGs
  10. JR is the obvious choice for B. Overall Hull is the obvious pick.
  11. This post is why these forums are great. Awesome!! Lol!
  12. send me a PM with your availability and we can schedule the games.
  13. This whole season I have not seen minpind/pearate/Skeletor online once. When are you guys logged in? When are you guys available?
  14. Anyone who needs to play me, send me a pm and we can schedule games.
  15. this feat is impressive... but will not playing games for almost a month cause extreme rust when entering the playoffs? exibs help but they aren't the real deal.
  16. I love that the penguins make all the flashy moves at the deadline and then fizzle in the playoffs. I'd love for the Hawks to make the big moves but you can't argue with their success.
  17. Yeah, when it was 8-0 halfway through the 2nd I let him have his way with the computer.
  18. I tend to play via HDMI cable from my laptop to TV often. It's great to sit back on the couch with friends and play. Gens does a great job using TV's from 24 inch to 46 inch on full screen. The only difference is that HDMI is digital and VGA is analog.
  19. I think this checkpoint is a little silly. Since there aren't any email/PM blasts going out the only way to know would be to check each post in the forum which a lot of people don't have time for. If you aren't on daily there is a chance that the post won't be in the latest round of recent topics or even in the most recently used Active Leagues topic.
  20. this is probably one of the best post ideas ever
  21. Yeah. He is a total two face for sure. But I would say in watching the Olympics that Canada is on another level than any other team. I think using the NHL players has run it's course. I'd like to see some non-NHL players in the Olympics to not break up the season and also to maybe find some players that aren't discovered yet by the NHL teams.
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