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  1. even with my limited experience in SDL i agree. SDL is awesome
  2. correct me if im wrong but in order to do so, first the league needs to come back from the dead first before talk of replacements
  3. coachmac you could've just used the edit button instead of making a new post
  4. Team: Montreal Canadiens 1st Line G - Bob Essensa LW - Cam Neely C - Jeremy Roenick RW - Kevin Stevens LD - Slava Fetisov RD - Alexei Kasatonov X - Jiminy Carson 2nd Line G - Kelly Hrudey LW - Mark Recchi (change to #28) C - Jimmy Carson RW - Dale Hawerchuk LD - Matt Schneider RD - Rob Blake X - Jeremy Roenick
  5. translation mofapes cant be anything else but mofapes. hence: mofapes are mofapes
  6. usually after draft ends we get a small window to make trades and setup our lines. then get preseason, and then regular season. Does that help?
  7. and your telling me this. look at yourself.
  8. about that will it be a snake draft or something else?
  9. ironically it would be WTGA if someone did draft a tm full of goons. And i wouldnt be suprised if ur the one who did it LOL
  10. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *on a side note id also like to be on the waitlist
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