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  1. OMGA so LOL. Rob you're just setting yourself up
  2. after classic, blitzga, gdl, 13 etc. I would think
  3. usually when zalex & frey do a video with highlights its with gens not snes unless they are very GA snes highlights. WTF was that @ 1:35
  4. judging by reading this dickon makes me look like a saint LOL
  5. i dont think its cuz of that dude. everyone on the list including myself has 50 gms played. so again DAN why?
  6. Hey DAN, why am i out of the league?
  7. last i checked i had a spot in this from way before and lost it due to a poll. Oh yeah also this is a waitlist. There isnt a rule anywhere on this forum that says mav cant sign up on a waitlist except for classic. and anyway **** you dont run this lg
  8. ask VC (vocallycaged) for dynasty stuff.
  9. the shipping charges arent that bad. you just gotta find the thing(s) you want that has either a low shipping fee or free shipping
  10. dont think your supposed to post it here
  11. lol @ this. now y would i wanna do that? are u butthurt that im still here? If i cant join classic now, maybe 2013
  12. myself included even tho im still banned from y halifax? why?
  13. wondering if i can get on the waitlist considering my rep and all
  14. I wasnt able to play this last season cuz of houly's antics so this time im in
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