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  1. LOL anyway... habs in 7 nyr in 6 flames in7 hawks in 6
  2. that's what i would probably do if i wanna come. except i wouldnt need to get to Union Station, just find the closest station near the HHoF
  3. rangers in 6 habs in 7 isles in 7 blues in 6 flames in 7 hawks in 6 jets in 7 lightning in 5
  4. mav

    Clam down

    i remember that. learned my lesson the hard way after that
  5. LOL WTGA is that a compliment or an insult?
  8. speaking of forever check this out
  9. i wonder if i can get in on the waitlist please? if not i dont mind
  10. both day and night but usually i see on aim no one is around during the day/afternoon. so i play at night. Im guessing you wanna ga but the schedules arent matching up right?
  11. ok, just hit me up on aim when you wanna ga
  12. i guess he got too homework LOL btw i will be on later tonight to ga after the habs gm since i need to catch up aim = (for those who dont have my aim)
  13. well guess what i will be playing tonight after the habs gm that is. like what coach said needing to play J&J, Brutus, coach, Kashim, and Mr. Labs (leaving him for last LOL)