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  1. takes the title of "El Buddio Spamola" quite literally BTW my favorite 15 Dave GAGner
  2. im guessing it would look good on houly if he asks for his privileges back idk?
  3. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/seriously-help-philadelphia-flyers-set-guinness-world-record-130426090.html when will it end in Philly?
  4. It should be renamed "How to pass-shot Plabax style"
  5. maybe if you post as joke ur giving me the team then maybe he'll come out of wherever he is LOL
  6. and with that also drafting a light team LOL
  7. so the coyotes are not involved?
  8. yeah ok. but you see the thing is you want to run a league through e-mail when almost every league like GDL, Blitz(the real one), and classic has its own site to upload savegames, or log scores. I mean writing down game summaries and then emailing them is kinda of a chore that nobody wants to do
  9. how about just giving our "self-proclaimed" champ his title and move on that is unless dickon has something to add
  10. it should of been named after the classic divisions: Adams, Patrick, Smythe & Norris and the conferences should have been renamed to Wales & Campbell
  11. im guessing Robbie would too since this he's been waiting for Blitz. LOL
  12. well since the archive has both articles for NHL 14's 94 anniversary mode as well as articles on 94 and this site i thought that it kinda would apply. idk...
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/return-nhl-94-ea-sports-improved-hockey-classic-211037276.html
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