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  1. LOLOL hokkey and responsible trading
  2. speaking of the blitz draft it already make the use of a where it goes through picks 1-12 but then reverses every other rd.(ex.rd 1 is 1-12, rd is 12-1, etc) yes the league already uses that format of pick a time and make a pick but instead of a thread it uses a website http://www.blitz94.com
  3. he says he'll be on tomorrow and sunday so take that with a grain of salt
  4. hopefully dont get into trouble for this
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8pLV4-RImk idk if anyone's seen this but this is NHL 14's anniversary mode
  6. mav


    where's Brooksie?
  7. i understand bo going to a pens game but a pirates game?
  8. his input "I WANT BLITZ"
  9. we got a mini building lines with AJ segment only not with AJ but Plabax
  10. used to play the s**t out of that game. and yes it is a a lot of fun
  11. you need to sign up on the waitlist
  12. Its the Pens fault. Now only if they can get rid of the Senators fast right bo, right carse
  13. i quite dont understand how this has become an "I want to challenge Frey & Carse to a best of 7" to a hilarious and straying from the point "I beat you now im A level" thread but its still an
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