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  1. Those links are broken. I think it has something to do with the fact that the middle of the URL was replaced with three dots, which means the URLs are literally their shortened forms. It literally says http://www.forecaste...playerindex.cgi/ and http://www.capgeek.c....php/?team_id=22.
  2. I like the zoomed-in logos thing, but i'd rather that they be the official logos, rather than the secondarys used for some. Looking forward to the ROM though!
  3. The logos were so ugly in this game.
  4. Now if only there was a really quick way to re-order teams so that the game doesn't freeze when you highlight Vancouver in playoff mode.
  5. How do I get this to open in NOSE?
  6. I know nobody really cares about NHL 95, but does anybody know the hex addresses for NHL 95's music?
  7. Actually, according to NOSE, the two All-Stars are programmed as the first two teams on the list. The way NHL 94 was set up, when you hit the end the list of available teams, (All-Stars West on the original game, CSKA [away]/Winnipeg[home] in the '91 edit), to avoid freezing the game will return to the top of the list (Anaheim on the original game, Campbell All-Stars on the '91 edit). When in playoffs, Going forward from Winnipeg, the last team on the list, or backward from Boston, the first team after the All-stars, the game detects that an All-star team is the next option in either direction
  8. I downloaded the NOSE editor, but when i open the program, my Norton 360 opens and says a suspicious file is trying to open itself, and I should block it. Does it have a virus, or is this normal?
  9. Out of curiosity for everyone's opinion, which license would you rather have if you were to make an official hockey game? (you can only pick one) NHL (teams, uniforms) NHLPA (players) None, different leagues None, International Teams None, Just city names, team colours, and player numbers.
  10. I was wondering, maybe someone should do a ROM of NHLPA '93 with a legacy version of each team from a really good recent season, sort of like an "NHLPA Hockey '93 Championship Edition" like what EA Sports did with John Madden Football '93. I have a list of teams that should be added (one historic counterpart per team) (all teams prior to 1992-93) Boston 1969-70 (Bobby Orr's first Stanley Cup) Buffalo 1974-75 (First Conference Championship) Calgary 1988-89 (First Stanley Cup) Chicago 1960-61 (Most recent Stanley Cup) Detroit 1954-55 (Most recent Stanley Cup) Edmonton 1983-84 (First Stanl
  11. wboy, could you make a font out of the banner graphics?
  12. Hi i am trying to fix the freezing problem in clockwise's NHL 91 and the logos, banners, and player photos are messed up. NHL__91_by_clockwise___NHL91_000.bmpNHL__91_by_clockwise___NHL91_001.bmpNHL__91_by_clockwise___NHL91_002.bmp any ways for me to change the edited banner colors? once i do that, the logos will be the right colors, and then i want to change the player photos, i don't care about the true to life photos, i just want the generic sprites pictures (like the ones used in the 2010 hacks) I want to change each team's palette so that the logos are the right colour, and I want to ch
  13. is it possible to add the Pro Set logo to NHL 94?
  14. For NOSE, could you add a feature to edit what order the teams come in? I need to do this so I can fix a glitch in clockwise's NHL 91.
  15. I am using NHL 91 (clockwise's hack) and when i am playing, i go to playoff mode and i highlight a certain team (Boston and, after a hex edit, Winnipeg) the game freezes, because the code i altered regulates which team you highlight before you loop back to the start of the order, which is the two All-Star teams, and in order to keep realism, i don't want to put the All-Star teams in the playoff. is there any way to move the hex values representing the All-Star teams to a different spot in the team order?
  16. The site you put this rom on doesn't exist anymore. Could put the rom on this site please? I'd really love to play this!
  17. How do you use the files and does the update feature all 30 teams?
  18. What does the Leave Off! option mean? Is it a cheat and hackers are trying to trick players into turning it on, or will corrupt the ROM?
  19. in hacks of NHL 94, i've noticed that on the team select screen, the team banners only read VISITOR and HOME. is there any way to change that to the team's city?
  20. I just want to know how to create additional teams, i don't really care about which players though
  21. Is there any way to increase the amount of selecatable teams? if so, how
  22. I'm using the 2010 30 team hack of nhl 94. Is there any way I can add additional teams? Also, how do i edit the banners on the team select screen?
  23. my brother downloaded a genesis emulator (he forgets which one) to play a genesis game. when he tried to open the emulator, he got a message that said fatal error and the emulator wouldn't open. will this happen if download any of the genesis emulators on this site?