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  1. To swos, Wow you kept that old email...I used to keep everything people sent me in hotmail but i got of a bunch a while ago. I kept everyones email addresses though. 20 seasons eh? Nicely done, if only we had kept up with doing 3 seasons per year we'd still be ahead. We can only do 1 season per year now, and that's only 20 games + a playoffs + a final tourney. People just can't find the time anymore. Well it's all about priorities to me, I'm busy too, but one night every month is more than do-able... Re:getting smoked... ok maybe I'd have a chance at winning. But like u said, not knowing ho
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here, found the site, I think someone emailed me once from here...I run a PC NHL95 league in Toronto... check out if you haven't already. Does anyone here love NHL95 PC or are you just hardcore '94 fans? I'd love to get a tourney going for PC version. See if anyone out there can beat us heh heh. Still playing after 10 years... i know we'd get smoked on Sega, there are enough differences between the games... Also, does anyone know how I can capture league highlights from PC version? Any free s/w out there? The game takes over the machine, best I could do was ta