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  1. https://www.inputmag.com/gaming/how-fan-made-roster-updates-keep-tecmo-bowl-and-nfl-blitz-alive
  2. Thought this would be as good as place as any to comment that the update to the front page of the site looks great. Nicely done. Forum users tend to bypass the frontpage so today might be a good day to check it out again. https://nhl94.com
  3. https://tecmobowl.org/ https://tecmosuperbowl.org/
  4. We have them. You can see all of them here in my signature where i'm not allowed to store images
  5. Quite frankly if he agreed to transfer it, I'd tank your page. Otherwise, if it's a person that you either know and/or trust, finding someone that doesn't run the site to run the Facebook arm of your community is the way to go considering that one of them will be neglected. (As you can see, I'm lucky enough to work with such people) I personally view Facebook as a way to engage the casual fan of your game. There are tons of people that are interested or nostalgic about Tecmo Super Bowl but would never have any intention of visiting a site about it but do visit Facebook. They might however be people that are friends with others who might be interested and simply don't know about the existence of the site. This and dee-nee.com have always been a community I've kept an eye on. I still can't figure out why there isn't a NBA Jam or NBA Live 9x sort of site out there. Knobbe
  6. Hello, It looks like you guys are aware of the Uniform editor from years back. The page containing this was down for the longest time, but now it's back up. It's not a full on editor as it doesn't edit attributes that I can see. This is a rom editor for the SNES NHL94 rom. It has the ability to edit player names and numbers, uniform colors for home and road jerseys, team line shifts and team abbreviation which you see on the scoreboard during gameplay. http://jggames.tecmosuperbowl.org/nhl.html Hopefully this is some use to people out there.
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