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  1. This has to be one of my favorite games of all time. So much fun. It's an arcade style hockey game, and I realize some people may not like that here, but the game's definetly worth your time. The gameplay is fast and loaded with big hitz, unlike hitz 2003, which was toned down a bit, and more "real." There's a franchise, take a team, and use players with crappy stats and build them up. A championship where you choose an Nhl team and take them to the cup. There's trivia after every game. It's a blast. with the credits you earn by playing exhibition or championship mode, you can buy old time j
  2. you know how people say that they don't know "the first thing" about something? that's how I am with emulators and playing online and stuff, basically a lot of the stuff I read here. and I love Nhl 94 and video games in general, but maybe I just love to play them and talk about them... I'd love to learn how to do the whole playing online thing. The terminology too, what's an emulator? how wouldf you even begin to play online? I have a ps3, and most games on that have an option to play online? would I need a USB controller? I have an AIM address (clrockny24.) Sorry I don't know anything. Try
  3. Anybody have this game? If so, how is it? I have the game for Nintendo gamecube and it's pretty good. I'd like to get the game boy advance version. Looking on eBay, apparently the game is out of print and rare.
  4. I have the nomad! A lady that works with my dad gave it to us years ago. I use the ac adapter while playing. I do have the battery pack, but it takes like 6 AA batteries and drains them pretty quick.
  5. I only know of 3 game boy advance hockey games. NHL 2002, NHL hitz 2003, and backyard hockey. I saw a YouTube video of backyard hockey, and it looked similar to 94, so maybe that is what you are thinking of
  6. Hey, I'd like to get an idea of how everyone is at newer games. I've played a few games recently of NHL 09 for ps3, and I'm OK at it. I find it harder to score. My traditional ways of scoring are one-timers, going around the net and looping around, and skating up either wing and crossing over. It's harder to score that way because the playing surface is much bigger than the days of NHL 94 obviously, but it's also harder to get open as players follow you more closely.
  7. What do you think were the best titles for each year? Obvious nhlpa hockey 93-nhl 98 for genesis/snes were awesome, but what about after that. Basically, I'm wonder if the community here thinks EA dominated as far as video games go, or did 2k sports rule from 99 on. I haven't played 99 or 2000, but I assume they are good. 2001 was good, 2002-04 were ok, but then the 2k series took over for me. I really enjoyed ESPN nhl 2k5 and nhl 2k6. I haven't played the newer games in full, just the demos, but it looks like EA makes the better games now.
  8. hey, I'm new here as well. My name is Charlie, and I really enjoy the old hockey games on genesis. My favorite hockey game overall is NHL hitz 20-02; I'm a bit of an arcade sports fan.