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  1. I used to be able to get this to play on Gens years ago, but sadly that is not the case today. From what I remember the game looks and plays mostly the same as the Genesis version, so it is very much in keeping with many other Sega CD games that just offered enhanced audio over the cartridge version. I do remember enjoying that when you paused the game, there were cool audio effects that played to simulate walking through the concourse of an arena during a game (or something like that). I didn't even realize the Hot/Cold effects were removed; how silly. There was so much that could/should
  2. I just got back into this game recently and am actually going up to the St. Chalres/Geneva area this Saturday for a party. Wish I had known earlier! Sunday will be spent at the awesome Galloping Ghost arcade before we drive back.
  3. I couldn't help but notice that too. And to think I used to wonder why my parents never bought us more video games as a kid. The PS1 era was the best; a lot of new games for $39.99 and the "Greatest Hits" being sold for $19.99. While you could get a copy of NHL '94 for ~$4 today, Shining Force 2 still commands its original selling price (and then some) in the retro video game market.
  4. AIM: Hunter371 Feel free to message me and get a game going. I've played online before, I'm alright, nothing great, intermediate level player. Just some friendly competition 'round this corner.
  5. Lesser sounds intense. Lives in seclusion in some cabin in Maine, then goes on to program some of the best hockey games ever made? He's like the Emily Dickinson of electronic programming. Wonder if he'd be able to remove EA and the NHL from the game, tweak the game to offer some more modes, then sell a revamped version to the hungry fans online. That is if he hasn't turned into Howard Hughes at this point.
  6. That's a very impressive display of scoring. Well done.
  7. I was playing the other day as the Sabres in a playoff against Quebec and recorded a hat trick with Mogilny 1:23 into the first period. It wasn't something I was setting out to do, but when it happened I quickly became aware of how odd it is for me to score three goals that quickly into a game, let alone all with one player (this was done with Gens). Anyone else have any remarkably quick natural hat tricks (even if they didn't lead off a game, but happened in a quick time-frame during the game). As a comparison, the NHL record for fastest hat trick belongs to Bill Mosienko who scored 3 go
  8. I've been playing '94 on and off again throughout the years, so if I pick up the game for the first time in a while there's always a chance - albeit a rare one - that the CPU will pull a fast one on me. I think it was about a year and a half ago I was playing the sega CD which I hadn't played in ages and lost 2 games (one was a crusher in OT) in a best of 7 playoff against the Penguins as the Rangers. It depends on your talent level and how much experience you've had playing recently, as well as if you put certain scoring techniques off limits.
  9. 21. Can't go wrong with that answer.
  10. Great question. I'm not sure I really have a preference for this game, but I agree with the poster that said the 2nd period can be the lowest scoring output. I don't find it any more difficult to score going up or down, but when you switch back and forth during a game, that can screw with the flow you've got going trying to score one way. Anyway, the later NHL's were definitely easier to score going down. It's amazing how these little things still perplex us 15 years later.
  11. Same as topic creator. Perfect set-up for me.
  12. Never tried it. Seems pretty insane, cool to know you guys pulled it off though. I just tried a regular season game like that, and playing with a very good team (LA) against a bad team (FLorida) and i still only won by a goal. I can say this though, seems like it would be much easier with two players. Plenty of times when a computer teammate should've made a check but just stood there. Here's the results on paper: NHL_Hockey_94__UE______001.bmp
  13. Oh, and by "On", I mean "On except Off-sides". Off-sides kills me, might as well watch a demo game than play with that on.
  14. In a regular season game I leave them off, if I'm going for the Cup it feels better to have it on.
  15. There's no other game like that in the 16-bit series. '95 really sticks out like a sore thumb. To think full season and roster management were implimented in this piece and not a year earlier.