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  1. No reason to feel bad, you and the rest of B were very patient and I appreciate the many chances to get my games in. In the end, I just didn't have the time to fully commit and I'm glad to give somebody with more dedication a shot. Best of luck to Sicarius, Quebec has a pretty good record and I hope you can take them all the way to the final and fulfill my dream of seeing the 94 version of Sundin raise the cup. Cheers, good luck to all of B in the rest of the season and playoffs.
  2. Got caught up a bit, me and Smoz got our series in (he still has my number, took it 3 games to 2.) Also contacted Pearate and should be knocking off my other divisional series in the next day or two to finally get me caught up with the rest of the league.
  3. I have two midterms to write today but will be home after 8. Really don't want to get replaced here, I've been trying to catch some of the other coaches on AIM, but so far luck and my hectic schedule haven't been working in my favor. Really appreciate the patience, if I fail to get some games in a replacement is just and best of luck to whoever picks up where I left off. Smoz, I'll be looking for you tonight, let's knock off our series and get caught up, old buddy.
  4. This was from a couple years back, had to come out of lurking to post it. Click
  5. With 3 to go, Canada should turn to rookies Shaftman and I to lead us to the gold (or 27 straight losses)
  6. The topic for "MTL vs PIT" might as well be named "HABS vs Wags"
  7. Of all the people and teams for Washington to get beat by, they have to let Halak do it. I am not impressed.
  8. Hahahaha Habs s**t the bed in the 3rd.
  9. I'm with Halifax, there's no place for that kind of behavior, and let's not forget the trouble he causes league commissioners with his minimum of 100 trades. On the other hand, if it's been a full year, maybe another chance is deserved. Worst that happens is he screws up, in which case institute another 1 year ban.
  10. I'm a leafs fan, but cmon, the leafs and the stanley cup won't be reunited with the cup for at least a decade, and even that's optimistic.
  11. Incredible, this video changed my life, I now have all my hope in a higher GA.
  12. I was ripping on Crosby all game, he wasn't doing much. Then 10 seconds after I say he needs to pick it up, he scores the winner. gg.
  13. Game 1: 4-3 CHI Game 2: 3-1 CHI Game 3: 4-1 CHI Game 4: 1-0 CHI Last game was a forfeit (I had to go, and with my schedule I'd rather give Louie the cup, which he deserves, than drag this out for who knows how long) GGs, congrats to Louie.
  14. I think tonight should be good, depending on how late my schooling takes. It won't be crazy late though, so as long as your on tonight, i'll find you and we can begin the Roenick vs Lemieux showdown.
  15. Ah, that makes much more sense. Surely it's only a modification though, seems like it would be allowable.