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  1. Pretty much everything reasonable is said by ice / donny, but may I add:   - He who claims it don't take a fuckload of practice to score all kinds of passgoals (note: there are lots of them. "corner to corner" is just the easiest and most common to master. still many can't do it), is either lazy or n00bie. - We did pass shots back in the 90's, so don't be such cave men, my dear American friends - I've always considered pass goals as wrist shots and "actual shots" as slap shots. What's more logical or "real hockey" than that? - Whining about passgoals really is about the same as whing about one timers or manual goalie
  2. That game is awesome so I assume you have been joining your time got your last message too late, so tonight we'll play, my dear beloved friend FPB <3 I'll be online from 5pm your time. just to clear things up: I don't mind anyone changing lines for gods sake. not even rage pausing after a goal. what I mind is ad/hd-type of start pump while the game is on and especially during goal scoring chance like last time. dawookie: which one is more "talking s**t". fixing appropriate time with your opponent or shouting comments like that in the mix, instead of minding your own business?
  3. that's ok. thursday is fine by me. we'll play all the games if the series needs to be finished fast
  4. dear FPB. my whole SEASON is ALWAYS outside of "regular 9 to 5". usually can get games between 12am to 04am finnish time. so come on? I work from 06am to 2pm (from 1am to 7am your time), but i'm willing to get up in the middle of the night just 4 hours before my work shift starts just because I love YOU and NHL94 so much <3 CAAAAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT: FPB!
  5. yeaa sorry about the wrong date. I'll be online from 7.5. wednesday and I guess we'll do the game either instatly or in 2 nights (depends on FPB). So no worries. we'll get it done!
  6. been busy this weekend, also early next week. will be available from wednesday (7.5.), but not til early hours (like 4am finnish time), so it's gonna be 21-02 finnish time (3pm-7pm EST?) when i'm online. also note to FPB: If you even press START once unnecessarely, the series ends there. I'm gonna be recording all the games, so this time it's useless to act like italian pocket thief (shout CATCH THE THIEF!! and at the same time steal nahkahomo's wallet). other than that: let's have happy times (: <3 I love you all! edit: sorry about the typo. next wednesday is of course 7.5., NOT 14.5! so i'll be back in business within 2,5 days!
  7. 1. I don't have the videos, because I don't store them. 2. Why is it that I need to find proof for something YOU accuse ME for? I'm not accusing anybody of anything. you on the other hand are accusing me for stalling and going behind my goal to kill the clock. Could you please point out where does that happen? Accusing somebody of something without proper proof or connection to reality is called lying and denigrating. why are you doing that? Telling me "i'm sorry you're upset" and "hope we have good games in the future" is high class BS considering this.
  8. 1. I'm not upset 2. I don't still see your complaint legitimate at all 3. Since we see this stituation so differently, why is it so hard to upload the videos online so that we all can see whats what. at least put some video material about me doing the thing you claim I did (going behind the goal and kill the clock on purpose) I don't see this just being a thing between you and me. I think we have to discuss what killing the clock means. because you have set a whole new rules on that. or at least what i thought killing the clock was. Don't want to go through this kind of episode in the playoffs.
  9. I wasn't skating around, stalling the game, killing the clock or going behind the goal deliberately. FPB was clearly mad because I didn't hand him the puck on a tray at the last seconds of the game. If he'd had the guts to upload the videos, that would show. I sometimes go slowly to the attack zone and might pass back, but if that is forbidden, you might as well ban me from GDL. I played the same style through all the 4 games and has been my style of NHL94 for 10 years now. before this has nobody accused me of killing the clock. I really have nothing against FPB. I was curious why he pressed start all the time, because I never understood that sort of ad/hd behaviour. from the answer I got I figured out pretty fast that he had had a bad day, don't like passive NHL94 opponents and couldn't control himself at the moment of lose. So he tried to justify his behaviour somehow and made this thing up that I kill the clock. If he had apologized or at least been honest about it, I wouldn't have to start these childish topics.
  10. sorry for asking, but where do you base this feeling? has somebody else ever complained for me for doing this, do I have a reputation of "winning at every cost", or is it so that because I'm lower in the standings at the moment I "had to do it" ?
  11. again. put the videos online FPB so that everyone can see did I stall or not, was the pausing "justified" or "just as bad". arguing without anybody knowing really what happened is just ridiculous. you have the videos. put 'em on. I have nothing to fear, nothing to hide.
  12. you said you have the games on tape. why don't you put them online, URL here and see what other people think? nahkahomo "the staller" or FPB the "start buttonist" ?
  13. Public announcement from the 'homo' himself (14.4.2014) : I have commited a sin. A big crime. That is stalling the game and killing the clock (even when i'm down 4 goals). Including FPB killing the clock is when you sometimes go BACKWARDS after the faceoff and not always FORWARD. I heard I even went BEHIND THE NET 2 times. This action has caused FLAMINGPAVELBURE lots of grief and anger (I heard this was building up inside of him when he had to "WAIT for me several months to play that laggy ass s**t games") which led to him nervously pressing start frequently during our 4 games. I can't describe how deeply sorry I am and will now in public ask comissioner to deduct my 2 point victory and give them to FPB. If possible, he deserves extra points because trauma like this is something beyond human understanding. I hope I will NEVER EVER provoke my personal idol and a big NHL94 star into the point where he can't control himself and start buttons. At first I was amazed how this can be. Everbody is not Plabax or FPB where their playing style is to accelerate 9238832 miles per hour right after the faceoff and never stop or pass backwards. But after a small conversation with this wise man I now see the fault was all mine. I would now like to plead all of you to appreciate FPB's personal life difficulties and the fact he could be angered by things no low IQ level people (like me) can ever understand. If something like this happens to you, don't argue or ask why. Just be understanding and apologize. Because it's always your fault.
  14. yo, been busy with school. i'll be online tonight. the problem is: Now that I'm living normal life style, I don't have the chance to stay up from midnight til morning 4 just to get games. So if nobodys online from 10pm to 12 finnish time (early evening there?), it will be quite impossible for me to get games :/
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