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  1. Ah, ok--I totally missed that about the stamina decrease hack. Thanks for confirming that I'm not going crazy. I think I'm just so used to playing how the game typically treats stamina, that it just sort of through me off a bit, that's all. I'd say leave it as is. Also, congrats on that 1.1 pick. As a Flames fan, I'm more than happy to see that pick go out east.
  2. Sauce--Quick question, I just downloaded the newest PO version and noticed the endurance seems to weird. In other words, playing with line changes 'on' has my guys sucking wind after like 15 seconds, as evidence by the line change endurance bar. I didn't notice this before on any of your other roms and am curious if you changed something up. It's not the worst thing in the world as it gives the game a little more of a challenge. It's weird because the actual endurance ratings don't seem to be way off or anything. FWIW, I am playing as CGY against COL in a best of 7 series. Also, there is no way to change lines in the sega version if you don't control the puck, right? Sorry for the super simple question but I grew up on the SNES version where line changes seem much more player friendly.
  3. Thanks for this! Always a big fan of your roms. I fired up a game last night as my beloved Flames against Vancouver. Pure lit me up--seriously, he was all over the ice. I really like your roms because star players play like star players. I love details like that. Pavel Bure up against Kevin Dahl? Yeah, I'll take Bure 10 times out of 10. Random question(s) for you: I've always wondered if goalie rating actually make a difference in this game. Does Hasek really play different than say Craig Billington or Mike O'Neil? If you were to line up the same one timer from Cam Neely would Hasek stop it while Billington would always let it in? Also, does playing as a manual goalie sort of nullify the goalie ratings? Sorry, this is sort of a 3 headed question, but I've always been curious about goalie tendencies in this game.
  4. Ah this is interesting and valid point. Is is possible to shrink down the center ice logos? If you watch any highlights from the 93 season, most teams had really tiny center ice logos. It wasn't until the late 90s (I think) where most teams used the concept you see today of having a big logo as the center ice marker. Again, maybe this is all for naught, I just think it would be so cool to see unique arena presentations on a Sega platform.
  5. Hi guys. Curious if there has ever been a complete 92-93 season overhaul of NHL 94. I know when reading that it sounds weird seeing that the game is based on the 93 season, but as we all know, the OG game is not perfect when it comes to a number of little things: 1. Accurate Jersey colors. Sorry but the SNES version completely owns the Sega version for this. A lot of teams have really poor home/road uni templates in this game. Would love to see that fixed. 2. Home Ice logos that reflect the 93 season. Would this be possible? For instance, in the PC version of the game certain teams did not have the logo at center ice but closer to the blue lines. I always liked that little detail. Also, is it possible to have the home ice logos go horizontal as opposed to vertical? 3. Minnesota still in the game. Remove Florida and Ana 4. Rosters accurate as of the final day of the season Again, I am sort of picturing a 93 season rom similar to the gold standard 91 season rom.
  6. Always love reliving NHL Hockey as when I was growing up it seemed like such a big deal to play a *CD-Rom* version of a game. Knowing that there was a version of a game I already loved with better graphics and more features was a pretty big deal to me. I remember as a kid being so intimidated about running a game in DOS--Mounting the C Drive? I was so used to my beloved SNES on/off switch. Anyway, again, always love seeing posts and screen shots about this version of the game. As mentioned prior it had a lot of little details that the SNES and Gens versions lacked: Being able to run 4 lines comes to mind along with the Season mode with active stats. Has anyone played through or simmed a season recently? I am curious how the stats play out (Team and Player). I seem to remember my seasons always had a lot of high goals and low assist players. I feel like I played through a season with my Flames and Nieuwendyk ended up with like 95 goals and 15 assists, or something like that. Co-sign also on the Jersey templates in this version of the game. I always felt each team was represented 10x better than the SNES and Gens version (SNES jersey colors are much better than Gens version, FWIW). Also more little details like the Center Ice Logos being unique for each team (Kings and Penguins I know had their Logo closer to the Blue line than Center Ice--really cool touch that is overlooked). Did you know if you check the ref you would get a game misconduct penalty? I remember trying to rack up PIMS and tried doing that and it doesn't even reflect in your stats--just tosses you out for the game. Last thing... Would love to see a list of the rosters in this game versus the SNES and Gens version as I know they were different. I remember CGY had Andrei Trefilov as their third-string goalie (personal favorite player of mine as a 7 year old).
  7. Right on! Thanks Sauce. Just a heads up, I had a weird glitch with the team matchup screen. The Kenny Albert text repeated itself over and over. Not game breaking but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  8. Sauce-bro, you knew Karlsson would get traded as soon as you released this, right? HAHA! Welp, at least that mess is over. What a steal by SJ btw.
  9. Weird. Maybe I'm thinking of the old PC version? No biggie. Hey, I'll take an updated preview version with the MTL/VGK trade. Thanks again!
  10. Awesome work as always Sauce! I played your 18 version last spring to death, and can't wait for the opening night 19 version! Go Flames Go! Random question for you (or anyone really): Any idea if it is possible to play your PP lines during even strength? I always thought it would be cool to roll 4 lines and use the PP2 as the unofficial 4th line. I swear I've seen the CPU play their PP lines at even strength at the end of the game when the score is close...or am I making that up? haha!
  11. Looks great! As a Flames fan 1990 always stung to me. CGY could have had a mini dynasty going as I think they deserved better in 1991 as well--but that is a different story. Random question that has always bugged me in all my years playing NHL 94. Is there a way to play your PP lines during even strength? I ask because I always thought it would be cool to roll "4-lines" using PP2 as the make-shift 4th line. Am I making it up that I have memories of the CPU putting their PP1 line on the ice during the last minute if the score was close? Or am I thinking of the PC version?
  12. Awesome. Love these little details.
  13. Hi Mac! Love the roms and the effort put into these!! I have to ask though because this has been bugging me... What is the difference between the 1993 and 1993 Classic? If you mentioned it in this thread and I missed it, apologies in advance. Also one quick minor piece of feedback for the 1993 roms: The goal crease. I am almost positive that the NHL adopted the blue crease by the 92-93 season. I think the only team who still used the older style that season were the Flyers (someone call me out if I am incorrect, please!)
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