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    2018 World Cup Pool

    I'm in! I played in 2014 and sucked. Four years later I'm sure my intuition still sucks, but I was ecstatic my Germans won! That 7-1 Brazil massacre was unbelievable. I should have the picks in sometime this week, I'll have to do my homework on some of the teams and the match-ups.
  2. Even though I suck I'll be there, Draisaitl Germany jersey and all
  3. Fiddz

    happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians & to everybody! Thankful for this forum, website, and everyone who makes it a great place to be! Glad you didn't go with the Gobbledy Gooker kgman01 lol.
  4. Fiddz

    NHL 2016 Deadline 1.1 by Naples39

    First off, great job naples! Downloaded and played your custom ROM, love the new & updated graphic hacks! I was then going to update the rosters with the current free agent signings & trades with Nose but all I get is that it doesn't read the .bin file (i tested other custom ROMS right after and it booted them up to customize. Curious if I was missing something or it's a glitch on my part, and if anyone else had issues trying this? UPDATE: I deleted and reinstalled Nose and it works now. Had an older version (the 1.0 instead of the 1.2b). All's well that ends well, cheers!
  5. Fiddz

    94 home crowd color hack

    Agreed! But would it be tough to do for Winnipeg & Arizona? since both do the white-out for playoffs, while their home team wears the dark jerseys.
  6. Fiddz

    King of '94 West game day thread

    This is going to be a blast!
  7. Fiddz

    King of '94 West! January 16, 2016.

    Signed up! Hopeful to improve on my 1-3 record from this year's Smashfest. Looking forward to hanging out & gaming with you fine folks again like we did this past January!
  8. Fiddz

    Jersey Buying Suggestions

    Buy the real thing if it's a team or player you like. If you're a collector like me, eBay, local online ads, and used hockey equipment stores may also have what you're looking for at a decent price. These knock-offs are a roll of the dice. I have just one, a black Lightning Stamkos. The logo and stitching is actually good and the colors right on, but the jersey material is heavy & thick compared to the Edge jerseys now or even the 90's CCM's. Another friend ordered a large, and got a small; another friend ordered a medium, and got an extra large. The worst I've seen is a Canucks one. Deep blue and dark green, and it was the wrong jersey order. Buddy got the basic blue home version instead of the 'stick in the rink' third. Considering even the sizing being off & wrong jersey being sent, you're honestly better off ignoring these overseas websites.
  9. I've paid the $45 to reserve my spot months ago but due to finances and plans, I can not attend anymore. Short notice but anyone still want to go in my spot? I signed up under Genesis under my alias 'Fiddz'. I can let halifax know about it to make the switch. PM me if interested, we'll work out details from there. Hopeful to get my deposit back in turn for the spot.
  10. Fiddz

    Questions for Michael Brook (?)

    Who's idea was it to include the one-timer? Why was the NHL 94 gameplay, graphics, ect. changed for NHL 95? What restrictions or conditions did the NHL & NHLPA have for their approval to be used in the game? (Obviously one was no fighting for the NHLPA)
  11. Tough break man, especially when Sidorkiewicz can make saves like this In hockey, all things equal out with Wendell fanning on a hail mary dump-in himself lol.
  12. Fiddz

    NHL '94 Celebration Urban Legend

    Sand people (Tusken Raiders) from Stars Wars?
  13. Damn! I catch a plane to BC that Friday. Have a smashing time gentlemen!
  14. Fiddz

    Vote 94 for

    Damn rights!
  15. Fiddz

    Quick Tech question

    I'm no tech or code programmer myself but hopefully you can make better sense of what's posted in these links then I could Mikey.
  16. Fiddz

    Saskatoon Smash Live Feed

    I'll play you again Logan! The game we had (you winning 3-2 as Dallas vs. me as St. Louis) was my personal favorite gameplay moment of my short-lived tournament. We started our match-up later then the others so by the 2nd period had everyone around watching and cheering us on. Plus you making me and everyone laugh with your outbursts lol. It was my elimination game but man, what a rush. I'm in for future Smashfests, fees or not, and to help any way I can.
  17. I play in the local ball hockey league here in Saskatoon as a part of the Bridge City Massacre. After playing in this past weekend's NHL '94 Smash Tourney, I was inspired to edit our game from Sunday with some '94 flavour. The highlights are not pixelated like what ESPN did last month with the Habs/Kings, but I did use the sound effects as well as custom intro/outro screens. Stats have not been posted on the league site yet or I would've included the scoring bubble too. The only other thing missing was halifax reffing our game. Maybe this Sunday or in the playoffs bud, lol. Enjoy everyone!
  18. Haha damn, we played at 8, just missed you. But the game was recorded again, hope to improve on my first effort!
  19. Borrowed a bud's SNES and picked up the game from Cashopolis for $2. Looking forward to Saturday!
  20. Fiddz

    Merry xmas to all

    I bought my cousin's kid NHL 94 from Hightech here in Saskatoon for Genesis, case and instructions included. Wasn't there when he opened it but my cousin's said it's all he's been playing since. Thanks to everyone on this forum and site for inspiring me to pass on this game that has inspired us all.
  21. Sports on Tap is a 5 minute drive from my place lol. How many players in the tournament? Entry fee? I'm not elite but love the game and would stop in to check it out regardless.
  22. Fiddz

    16-bit Classic Snapshots

    I was inspired by PixelPuck and their video recreation of Game 6 of the '91 Finals. A few screenshots of an edited NHL '98 and some Photoshop later, I recreated my two favorite Cujo saves growing up in Edmonton as a Oilers fan. Did the best I could, hope you enjoy. Joseph on Nieuwendyk in the '97 Quarter-Finals in Game 7 overtime. To Oiler fans, this is 'The Save'. I remember Bob Cole's call in disbelief, and Cujo peeking under his blocker where the puck was. Then Marchant would roof it on a breakaway next play and end to me the most exciting series I've seen to this day. Joseph on Corbet in the '98 Quarters in another Game 7. Believe it was in the 2nd period with Edmonton up by three, Cujo was knocked down behind the net and scrambled back, overslide but still managed to stretch out and make the stick save to perserve (and earn) the clutch shutout.