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    I'm interested in playing NHL'94 until I can straight up beat Evan in console Gens head-to-head (without the benefit of computer favoritism) with the mighty Ottawa Sentators! Then I'll sit on my throne all bad-ass like Conan at the end of "Barbarian" and "Conqueror" and drink Vanilla Coke and eat Pizza until the end of time.

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  1. One of the only teams I know real well, wanted to share my opinions. Defense. Not that weak... of course Hrudey remains the fragile link in the chain, but depending on the version I'm playing I find I can try a few different options with LA other then accepting a beating and praying I score one more... On Gens Console the standard is usually Zhitnik replaces McSorely, Blake stays in unquestionably. But in 2 player Head-to-Head I find an alternate fun strategy is to let the offense worry about scoring and put in Thompson and Watters on defense, completely clog up the middle and exploit the weight bug. Doesn't work against everyone, but it's fun and drives people up the wall when you shut them down with 40ish rating players. On Smozoma Ver. leave in McSorley, forget the Zhit, he's a feather, radical difference that weight correction makes... Mc S. is THE wrecking ball, +20checks per game easy! Blake gets tougher too, so bonus! For a different look though I use Huddy and Sydor. The bug-fix increases their checking potential, and with less Off. Awareness they're usually hanging back further then Blake/Mc S. to stop opponent rushes with well placed hurtin's. Hardy too is a slightly weaker option, good injury replacement for this strategy. There isn't much to add to the offense that hasn't been said... Kurri and Donnelly are real good, often overlooked. And Millen on console can be thrown in to take advantage of the weight bug if your strategy is keep the opponent on the floor. Overall (really with any team) I don't recommend putting in all the guys with the best stats for all positions all the time.. switch guys up when you have this many weapons, find who is in sync with who, work with what the opponent is giving you, etc... the Kings offense can match any style of play.
  2. Oh I forgot to mention line changes are off, offsides is off, and Penalties are on. Dang. Okays, so there's too much data recorded to tell you everything so I'll put up just the highlights. Round 1 vs Islander, 2 vs New Jersey, 3 vs Boston, 4 vs Chicago (played 16 games total, so no losses) Total Hartford Goals 188 (average 11.75 per game) Total Opponent Goals 41 (average 2.56 per game) Total Hartford Shots 557 (avg. 35 per game) Total Hartford Checks 1605 (avg. 100 per game) Total Hartford Onetimers 64 for 239 Best game: Rd. 2 game 4 Home against New Jersey, 19 to 3. 45 shots, 9 for 27 Onetimers. Yake went 10 for 16 with 16points. Worst game: Rd. 3 game 2 against Boston, 8 to 5, couldn't stop Oates from going 5 for 14. Got out-shot, 30 to 28 too. Top 3 Players: Terry Yake, 26 goals 44 points, 62 shots (42% Shooting) Geoff Sandersand, 31 goals 44 points 91 shots (34% Shooting) Mikael Nylander, 30 goals 43 points, 68 shots (44% Shooting) Best Goalie Sean Burke, 125 saves on 136 shots (92%), 2 shutouts, played 7 of 16 games. Worst Player: Mark Greig, 1 goal on 2 shots... played him only a few periods, it was a job to get this guy a goal which finally game in the last game against Chicago and was a lose puck bounced off the goalie goal. Most Penalized: Tie, Zartan Zalapski and Eric Weinrich 22mins each. Total Points between all Hartford Players, 367. Total Save % between all Hartford Goalies, 88% Avg. Attack Zone 13:29 Avg. Passing 46% (38 for 82 per game by avg.) Faceoffs won, 327 out of 498 (66%). 160 penalty minutes, 21 powerplay goals on 45 attempts and 77 shots, 31 shorthand goals. 15 for 57 on breakaways and 2 for 5 on penalty shots (I flubbed my first 2, didn't realize I was going to get one). AND THAT IS IT. Hooray and thanks!
  3. Hey Nhl94 Community, I'm a new poster to this site, and greetings (and Happy Holidays) to you all!! My intro of sorts would go like this... I had SNES '94 back in the day, and other then Super Bomber Man 2 (or Secret of Mana on 3 player), this was the game to play when you got together. Sure taking turns at Weaponlord or Mario Kart was fun too, but if everyone wanted to play then NHL 94 usually was the game of choice. Thank you Multi-tap. Now that was then... So a bunch of years pass, NHL94 is a fond and distant memory, and then a few years ago I get a job with none other than Mr NHL94 himself, Evan. I don't recall the circumstances, maybe it was a year or so ago on lunch breaks we started playing the Gens '94 every now and then. I was an SNES purest so while it was neat, you know... eh, I was stubborn. Then last Christmas I got a USB Playstation-y looking controller for my computer... and resiliently I got the Gens Emu... I figured, if I want to have fun playing this game again I have to migrate to where the real competition is... and well, that was it. The bug got me. Once more, this game is epic and I find myself harping over it for hours on end... So that's me. Now onto the topic... (Apologies for the long post by the way, and I wonder if anyone is still with me?) I play a lot of different ways. Trying to use Ottawa's worst line to setup tic-tac-toes, or Vancouver to see how many one timers I can inflict upon someone (I think 19-47 was my record) The most recent fun way to play was this (it was Evans idea, I can't claim it as my own)... Take Hartford (again, for Gens '94 unedited), put it on Best of 7 Playoffs, and try to run up EVERY STAT IMAGINABLE while also trying to use every player on the roster. Get them all a few shots, a few points... all the goalies too. Do any shot imaginable, no honor system, just crush the computer with no mercy. Kept records of everything on an excel sheet (should've take screen caps to prove this)... and figured, before I archieve this file for like, forever... I'm curious if anyone else on these boards would have a good time trying to play the same way? I personally, thought is was pretty fun. So, that's it. An open challenge (of sorts, if that's the right word 'cause it's really just silly and for fun) to anyone who wants to try and compare... ...and has time to kill. And all in good fun. I'll post my own results in a bit.... To anyone who takes up the gauntlet, Good luck. And nice to be part of your community!
  4. I believe Calgary is logged and the book on them is now closed. Sorry Xot82, BobKudelski absolutely dominated with superb skating and puck control. ...and attack zone... ...and shooting percentage... ...and defense... ...and passing... ...and what else does this game take stats of? He probably had more cowbell too. Thanks for playing me Bob... it was fun and I picked up a few ways to score (I think)... just have no idea how to stop those same ways back.
  5. Had a fun time playing Schwartz, thanks a lot. I felt up to speed fairly quickly but you're just a level above... or maybe even more. I was particularly impressed with some of those setup shots I didn't think were possible on SNES. One of the more enjoyable series of loses for sure. Best of future luck to you in the Playoffs! Thanks!