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  1. the weird thing is, team 32's player cards work fine, just that team 31 is causing problems.

    I don't know why there is checking sounds for team 31 & 32, and why does team 30 have no goal music, but 31 & 32 do.

    I know we can swap what plays for each team, but need to find out how the team music is associated with each team and how to change it around.

  2. here is a home crowd color hack, I decided to hack the crowd after I got tired of looking at those 70s outfits for 20+ years, lol , it works pretty good with a few minor problems.

    -had to change all stick colors to a medium grey
    -all black uniforms are hard to see
    -one color uniforms look like PJs

    a few minor animations left to fix, after I will see if I can switch some pant and shirt colors to the original crowd palette. might get a few but most of the crowd tiles are puzzled together.

    let me know what you think

    post-292-0-72883900-1457061802_thumb.jpg post-292-0-83227200-1457061823_thumb.jpg post-292-0-46347000-1457061845_thumb.jpg

    post-292-0-20894000-1457061864_thumb.jpg post-292-0-22272300-1457061783_thumb.jpg

  3. Most of the stuff you want here will never happen, do you know how long it would take to replace each screen, ice, etc. with its own image, close to impossible and to time consuming.

    here is some help on a few things

    ~ Instant Replay Menu

    add the image you want in TM, then rearrange in hex editor

    ~ Player Cards

    info on editing in TM here

    info on 30 team rom


    ~ Lord Stanley's Cup

    info on the playoffs screen here

    sprite Stanley cup is in the player sprites, area location in TM - 0006E51C

  4. this is some hex info on a couple of graphics in wboy 30 team rom.

    yellow - image rom data
    purple arrow & purple - graphic pointer and start of logo
    blue - graphic length/data info
    red - graphic data
    light blue - color palettes
    pink - logo tile length and width
    green - logo/image tile layout
    blue arrow - end of graphic/start of another graphic
    brown arrow - start location





    so after each graphic in TM, below it will be that image rom data.

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