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  1. OFFSET COLOR - 1000098 TILE SIZE - 8X20 BLOCK SIZE - 1x4 GOTO - 000F30A2
  2. Sorry, hopefully soon. I wish there was a seperate palette for helmets. Trapezoid is just a graphic change, no impact on the game, I will have my own version of the trapezoid in one of the updates. The goalie patch is a separate button for goalie control. The weight patch is not in the game. I use a rating template for all my roms, so roms stay consistent. here are my rating templates. Will add it in one of the updates Thanks for all your feedback.
  3. v1.1 is out now, get it here *NEW in v1.1 - Roster Update 01/06/2012 now working on v1.2
  4. Here are my updates for 93 and 94, you can get them here Updates will follow, Enjoy
  5. NOSE has to have the updated roms.ini file to open the wboy 93-30 team rom. unzip the file attached and place the file inside the ini folder. roms.zip
  6. for sure Mack, i will make it an ips patch when done, good to see you are playing and hacking again. thanks CoachMac, I'm slowly converting all my 94 to 93.
  7. I'm working on a 93 tape and eye fix, about 40% done. screen below
  8. I found a tile glitch in the 30 team and original 94 rom, it happens when your on instant replay reverse angle, screen below, here is how to fix in a hex editor 000BA92C - CHANGE 017B TO 817B 000BA98C - CHANGE 0173 TO 8173 000BA9EC - CHANGE 018B TO 818B 000BAA4C - CHANGE 000A TO 800A
  9. Thanks guys, sorry I'm taking so long, but I'm slowly converting the 94 roms to 93, should have some up soon.
  10. Hey everybody, my website is back up, sorry for the long delay, you can view it here
  11. sorry for the delay guys, I am working on a new website, will have it up soon.
  12. what is your email address, i will send them to you.
  13. here is the 93 version, enjoy NHLPA_93___10_Olympic_Hockey.bin
  14. view all banners are 11x60 tiles - 88x480pixels 1st screen (easports) 40x28 tiles - 320x224pixels 2nd screen (wboy screen) 40x28 tiles - 320x224pixels 3rd screen (main title screen) 32x28 tiles - 256x224pixels nhl logo 30x6 tiles - 240x48pixels
  15. you can use paint, but the best thing to do is edit your ice logos, banners, etc in a photoshop program, then import them to your rom. there are lots of free photoshop like programs.
  16. edit one logo at a time, tiles for ice logos are 6x4, when your finished with ANH, scroll down a bit for the second one, use the byte back/byte forward to align the logo. and so on. to import your own artwork (48x32pixels), use the edit "paste from..." function. use images as .bmp
  17. Sorry guys, hopefully soon, and always more roms to come
  18. sorry, i am designing a new website and switching to a new hosting company, send me your email address, and i will send you some roms
  19. Hey Everybody, My Classic Canada Cup rom is finished, you can get it here. Enjoy
  20. slapshot67

    sneak peak

    use tilemolester, it is a lot easier
  21. if you take out fighting, you might as well take out the puck
  22. check wboy 1st post, he has made a correction to the roms.ini file. when editing crease tiles, the changes don't seem to show up when playing a game. maybe its just me, don't know
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