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  1. Nice man. I'd like to use it. Would you mind sharing it when done?

    I'm actually playing and hacking again. Been well over a year. Have been through hell and back during that time.

    for sure Mack, i will make it an ips patch when done, good to see you are playing and hacking again.

    I am looking forward to your completion of some 93 roms.

    That looks great!

    Your 94 roms are incredible!

    What years are you working on for 93?

    71-89 like you have done for 94? Greatest Teams?

    Love your web-site!

    thanks CoachMac, I'm slowly converting all my 94 to 93.

  2. I found a tile glitch in the 30 team and original 94 rom, it happens when your on instant replay reverse angle, screen below,

    post-292-086469600 1305086877_thumb.jpg

    here is how to fix in a hex editor

    000BA92C - CHANGE 017B TO 817B

    000BA98C - CHANGE 0173 TO 8173

    000BA9EC - CHANGE 018B TO 818B

    000BAA4C - CHANGE 000A TO 800A

  3. view all banners are 11x60 tiles - 88x480pixels

    1st screen (easports) 40x28 tiles - 320x224pixels

    2nd screen (wboy screen) 40x28 tiles - 320x224pixels

    3rd screen (main title screen) 32x28 tiles - 256x224pixels

    nhl logo 30x6 tiles - 240x48pixels

  4. edit one logo at a time, tiles for ice logos are 6x4, when your finished with ANH, scroll down a bit for the second one, use the byte back/byte forward to align the logo. and so on.

    to import your own artwork (48x32pixels), use the edit "paste from..." function.

    use images as .bmp

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