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  1. good eye, i also see that the player cards nhl logo is also the old one, i will fix that up soon.
  2. thanks mack, the font is pretty close to yours, i used a pixel font called pixeldust. not much choice when going that small.
  3. i have finished my nhl 08, you can get it here
  4. thanks guys, the snes link isn't broken, i just haven't finished it yet, hopefully soon. the next project im gonna work on is a game from every year starting at 1973 to 2007.
  5. Hey Everybody, My roms are finished, you can get them here. Enjoy Slapshot67
  6. here are the teams i put in Austria Belarus Canada Czech Denmark Finalnd France Germany Hungary Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Norway Poland Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom United States 4 Greatest Teams 2 Bonus Teams
  7. Hey Guys and Girls, My roms will be up very soon, I'm ready for another season, hope you guys and girls can enjoy my roms. be back soon. Slapshot67
  8. great work clockwise, sweet, just sweet
  9. Hey Guys, Here is the Genesis NHLPA 93 manual, enjoy Slapshot67 NHLPA93_GEN.pdf
  10. thanks clockwise that is great work, love the nhl91 rom Slapshot67
  11. slapshot67

    NHL 07

    Hey guys, I just finished my playoff rom. enjoy get it here slapshot67
  12. hey thanks alot, I am also doing the NHLPA 93 manual if anybody cares. my nhl 07 playoff edition rom will be up later tonight or tommorow. Slapshot67
  13. Hey Guys, I have been busy creating some roms and just finished the Genesis and Super Nintendo NHL game manuals, i have also added an idea pdf, let me know what you think. Enjoy NHL94_GEN.pdf NHL94_SNES.pdf nhl94_issue_1.pdf current roms
  14. thanks wboy, that is just great. Just a couple of questions. You said sometime ago you wanted to hack NHLPA 93, is that in the works, and if it is how is it coming. And which version is your personal favorite?
  15. sorry about that, I should have referred to it being the default NHL 94 - 30 Team ROM by wboy v1.0b.bin. That screen shot is exactly what i am referring to. Thanks wboy.
  16. Hey Guys, Here is a start to the image offsets in Tile Molester, feel free to add if you know some. 1st game screen - 2nd game screen - Main tile screen - Main title screen NHL 06 splash - Main title screen NHL logo - Main title screen NHLPA logo - Player cards NHL logo - Player cards NHLPA logo - Mini NHL 06 Time logo - Game Setup team logos ANH - ATL - BOS - BUF - CGY - CAR - CHI - COL - CLB - DAL - DET - EDM - FLA - LA - MIN - MTL - NSH - NJ - NYI - NYR - OTW - PHI - PHX - PIT - STL - SJ - TBY
  17. The ron barr picture is right under the NHL06 Splash, Your tiles have to be 8x9 to view Slapshot67
  18. Lets hope that wboy, mack, and swos can add some videos or documnets on how the color works/and importing graphics in TM along with some of their other secrets. Slapshot67
  19. These videos are for finding some of the images in the 30 team NHL94 rom, I am still learning myself so hopefully it will help you start your own hack. Here is the images on those videos, 1st game screen - easports 2nd game screen - NHL 30 team rom by wboy Main tile screen - Vincent Lecavalier Main title screen NHL 06 splash Main title screen NHL logo Main title screen NHLPA logo Player cards NHL logo Player cards NHLPA logo Mini NHL 06 Time logo Ingame startup team logos NHL team banners Ice team logos Slapshot67
  20. slapshot67


    I think it just records sound, but i'm not sure, i will check it out and see what i can find. Slapshot67
  21. It was nice to see #19 be lifted up to the rafters of the Joe Louis Arena. Thanks for all the memories Stevie Y. Slapshot67
  22. install dos-box and d-fend, open d-fend and then click profile "add with wizard" give it a name in the game exe. browse for the file called hockey.exe in the setup exe. browse for the file called setup.exe then click next, you can leave everthing to default as you get to the end. when done click on the game name you created. slapshot67
  23. I use dos-box and d-fend to run the game. slapshot67
  24. I found NHL Hockey 93 for PC here Slapshot67