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  1. Hey Everybody,

    I did up some box art for NHL 07, made it in the genesis box format. Thanks to all that have done work with this rom, if i forgot to add something, let me know. I had alot of fun making it so Comments, or Suggestions are always appreciated.



  2. I tried to upload the zipped file on a different computer and I get the same results, it gets corrupt in the upload, so if anybody wants the rom just send me your email address and i will send it to you.


  3. Here is the rom for the start of the 07 season, i updated the rosters, there is some players called "# Rookie" on some teams as i dont know all the rookies yet. I don't know how to edit images in the game, so if anybody wants to hack please do. I think anaheim and buffalo are the only ones that changed jerseys and logos. Thanks WBOY and MACKS-HACKS for the rom and tools.


    Having trouble with the zip file, when i post it, it dosnt work. any ideas.

  4. Hey everybody, I have finished the NHLPA 93 all-stars rom, I would like to thank Swos&Mahavishnu for the NHL 94 all-star rom, used it alot to make the NHLPA 93 all-stars, thanks to the NHL94 Master for the NOSE nhl old skool editor, and Evan for making this site. check it out and if there are any changes you want to do, let me know, your input is always appreciated. Thanks



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