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  1. I'd REALLY love to see NHL '94 on XBOX Live...
  2. If any of you guys would like custom-made shirts, I make them...get in touch with me and tell me what you'd like...I don't ask for nearly what they are asking...
  3. Yes, that's correct...Electronic Arts ran the Buy 2, Get 1 Free promo throughout the first couple of years. I ordered John Madden Football and pre-ordered NHL Hockey and I selected PGA Tour Golf as the free game. I still have all three. I believe Road Rash was also part of that list...
  4. I have this book...I think it was the one and only guide they ever made for the series back then...it covers the Genesis, SNES and PC versions.
  5. Here are some other classic Electronic Arts ads for the games during those times: Lakers vs. Celtics & the NBA Playoffs: John Madden Football: USA Basketball: PGA Tour Golf:
  6. Yeah man, thanks...great memories. I remember the days of going into Electronics Boutique, Babbage's and Toys R Us to buy my games. I'm with you on the jumps in gaming platforms. The Genesis really was a huge launching pad for EA into console games, and their sports games shined on the Genesis. I have a ton of those old great games they made, including games of sports I've never even card about, such as soccer & rugby. They were such fun games to play, and the same went for the NHL series back then. They were also such easy games to pick up and play, making them appealing to those non-sports fans.
  7. Here's the Electronic Arts ad for NHLPA Hockey '93...
  8. Quick story about this ad - I used to get GamePro Magazine back in 1991. I got an issue with a Spider-man game on the cover being featured and when I opened the cover, that ad was in it. I was floored and had never been so excited about a video game coming out. I carried that magazine around all the time just staring at the two-page ad. Up until that point, the only two hockey games for the NES and Genesis were Blades of Steel and Nintendo Ice Hockey, so this was a huge jump in terms of both graphics and a different point of view. A video hockey game with REAL NHL teams and their logos, plus real players. I already had a Sega Genesis (one look at the back of the John Madden Football box for the Genesis and I traded in the NES!) and back then there was no web, so you either pre-ordered games in the store or by phone. I was so obsessed about this game that I immediately pre-ordered it by phone and would call "Electronic Arts Direct" every week to see if a different person would give me a different release date for the game. PLUS during these first couple of years, if you ordered games thru Electronic Arts Direct, you'd receive the game in the mail about a day or two before it hit store shelves. I called that phone number so many times that I STILL remember the phone number: 1-800-245-4525. Here's a scan of that GamePro Magazine cover (August 1991 edition)...yes, I still have that magazine - GREAT MEMORIES!
  9. Actually it's the correct song, just the wrong image for the game. NHL ''91 had the same msuci but it was sped up, just like the game was...
  10. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on these boards in ages...I can make the shirts for you if you'd like, let me know what you'd like. I'll keep my eye on the forums more closely...
  11. Attached is a sample of what I can do for you guys regarding your teams. Here are the Rangers winning the cup
  12. Hey all, I justwanted to let you guys know that I make NHL 94 tshirts and would be more than happy to take requests. The shirts are excellent quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton. I can make them to your specifications, make them for your league and league winners, etc. Email me at ebay@newyorkrangershockey.com if interested. Attached is a sample:
  13. Firstly, it was just a sample, I can make anything you want. Secondly, no real need to be disgruntled just because you are a Habs fan!
  14. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I make tshirts and have made one for NHL Hockey.See the attached image... Let me know if interested by emailing me at ebay@newyorkrangershockey.com Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I make custom-made t-shirts and have made them for NHL 91. Let me know if you are interested. I have them in sizes Large and XL, but can get other sizes if needed. You can email me at joeyc@newyorkrangershockey.com Attached is an image of the shirt... Thanks, Joe
  16. Yeah, you can tell right off the bat because the soundtrack is a bit sped up. I actually have the game cartirdge of this game...awesome stuff man.
  17. NHL 95 was a completely different game than NHL 91, NHL, NHLPA 93 and NHL 94. From the graphics, to the sounds, to the gameplay, it was completely different. In my opinion, NHL 94 is the greatest game because it combined the NHLPA and the NHL licenses, and one-timers. The only thing it is missing is the fighting and blood. RangerJoe
  18. The first time I saw a screen capture of this game was inside the folded brochure you'd get with each EASN game. At that time, I just thought it was initial artwork and had no idea a game involving only countries existed. My friend and I were in Hollywood Video one day back in 1992/93 and saw this game for rent. We couldn't believe it and had to rent it. The game was almost twice as fast as NHL Hockey, it was amazing. A few years ago, I went on ebay and actually found this game. It was part of a 2-game cartridge, with the other game being the original John Madden Football (1991). I had to buy it. This game rocks, I love the speed of it (a little too fast actually, but its a nice change). RangerJoe