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  1. Fixed now. Also team ratings were obviously broken.. 110.zip lineups.txt
  2. And then some.. 109.zip lineups.txt
  3. More updates. 108.zip lineups.txt
  4. No, but that should work..
  5. Updates. 106.zip lineups.txt
  6. Fresh updates. New ratings. 105.zip lineups.txt
  7. New week. Fresh updates. Gets slowly more accurate. lineups.txt 104.zip
  8. Fresh updates. 102.zip lineups.txt
  9. Another update after first few rounds. Fixes: - some players were still in the old teams 101.zip lineups.txt
  10. When Winnipeg came back into the league, I reverted that WPG was replaced with PHX.
  11. Note: most-recent (and most-accurate) updates are at the bottom of this post. 100.zip lineups.txt
  12. I think the all star team is empty. I've never bothered to fix it. So here are my updates for the end of the season! 084.zip lineups.txt
  13. Now season stats should be more sensible in scoring.. and here is a fresh update reflecting the latest state. 083.zip lineups.txt
  14. Actually, try these. I downgraded the team ratings a bit. It should now be around 5 on average with peaks at 0 and 10. 082.zip
  15. The ratings have an average of 60-65 (like original NHL95) line-ups, so that should not be the problem. I think it is because stats are based on both career and ratings which are both high, as well as team ratings. I am not even sure stats are used for finding scores, but I am sure that team ratings are.
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