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  1. Fixed now. Also team ratings were obviously broken.. 110.zip lineups.txt
  2. And then some.. 109.zip lineups.txt
  3. More updates. 108.zip lineups.txt
  4. No, but that should work..
  5. Updates. 106.zip lineups.txt
  6. Fresh updates. New ratings. 105.zip lineups.txt
  7. New week. Fresh updates. Gets slowly more accurate. lineups.txt 104.zip
  8. Fresh updates. 102.zip lineups.txt
  9. Another update after first few rounds. Fixes: - some players were still in the old teams 101.zip lineups.txt
  10. When Winnipeg came back into the league, I reverted that WPG was replaced with PHX.
  11. Note: most-recent (and most-accurate) updates are at the bottom of this post. 100.zip lineups.txt
  12. I think the all star team is empty. I've never bothered to fix it. So here are my updates for the end of the season! 084.zip lineups.txt
  13. Now season stats should be more sensible in scoring.. and here is a fresh update reflecting the latest state. 083.zip lineups.txt
  14. Actually, try these. I downgraded the team ratings a bit. It should now be around 5 on average with peaks at 0 and 10. 082.zip
  15. The ratings have an average of 60-65 (like original NHL95) line-ups, so that should not be the problem. I think it is because stats are based on both career and ratings which are both high, as well as team ratings. I am not even sure stats are used for finding scores, but I am sure that team ratings are.
  16. More updates Fresh ratings. 080.zip lineups.txt
  17. More updates. And no dont ave that problem. one of the all star teams is broken, but thats all and i dont care about them. seasons, regular games etc all work fine. 079.zip lineups.txt
  18. A couple of games have progressed. So.. another update 078.zip lineups.txt
  19. A few more games 25-30. New ratings. New lineups. I like this rating. 077.zip lineups.txt
  20. Okay, season has gone about 23-25 games now. Time for an update with new ratings! 076.zip lineups.txt
  21. Sup! The season has started and here is the file you've been waiting for. After playing about 15 rounds or so this one reflects the current teams and lineups of the new season. As usual it contains new ratings, new rookies, people that left, people that came in, career ratings, team ratings and blablabla. I changed the PHX team into WPG and the file contains some jersey (original ones) for WPG. Not everything around the WPG thing is fixed though.. the grand logos at the beginning of the game aren't tip-top.. but who cares about that one As usual.. pretty accurate Just as a funny notice, Jagr still got the photo - which is something that applies to all my updates.. the original photos of any remaining players are still kept! 075.zip lineups.txt
  22. Erm, actually.. this one is better. I made some small fixes to the line-ups to more accurately reflect the (average) lines that were played during the season. Please note that it also contains more accurate ratings for the teams, like PK/PP/goalie etc. This is for the entire 2011-2011 season. Enjoy! lineups.txt 072.zip
  23. If you play with your own team player's with skills at 25 and opponent at 100+ (like I do, in order to get some challenge)... there are just a few "safe" ways of scoring. Shots at 25 are really weak, unless slapshot, which is normally too hard/slow to do. So you need a one-timer. Of course a slapshot+rebound works too (but then its not a one-man show anyway). D-to-D on the blue-line and a one-timer with a re-bound is a "safe" way of scoring. Another thing is to stress the computer goalie and capture the puck when he plays it out to his teammates. Of course if you play on normal skill levels, you can easily use just one player to score all goals, you just need to shot/aim from the right spot. But that is like no challenge.. :-) You can win with 20-0 in a 5:00 game this way.
  24. Final update. 071.zip lineups.txt
  25. Another update. I have changed the skill distribution to match the original NHL95 better, added a few missing players/rookies. Enjoy! 059.zip
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