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  1. Het Im a snes player add my Aim: RaddeKladde1 im from sweden,
  2. Hey there looking for online snes players, haven´t played for a couple off years. Need some help with the settings. my Aim: RaddeKladde1
  3. Hey I would like a test game? Is there any snes league to join? My Aim: RaddeKladde1
  4. Hey i want a test game my aim : RaddeKladde1
  5. hi im Looking for players to play online with on hamachi... add me AIM.... RaddeKladde1 email...... RaddeKladde1@aim.com
  6. ok but whats does "aim" stand for? Im new here...hehehe
  7. Hey im new here looking för hamachi networks to find someone to play online with...i play the snes version....anyone? my hamachi adress is ..
  8. How do I found networks on hamachi want to play nhl94 (snes) mmy hamach adress is
  9. any one want to play online hamachi? I play on snes hamachi adress...