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  1. Thanks man, and congrats! Was definitely pretty hilarious in some of those games, even my gooning it up couldn't save me. And yeah, I really switched off this season after a ) I wasn't able to get hold of all my opponents for the rest of my regular season games and b ) one of my playoff series ended up being an FF after trying to get it organized for a couple of weeks. Can't remember the last time I played a game before yesterday, and I'm kinda doubting that I will sign up for next season too.
  2. Still haven't seen mcolligan, dropped a line on AIM when he was offline but no response yet. Last status update 30 days ago.
  3. Anyone seen mcolligan around lately? I've been working quite a lot but haven't noticed him on AIM for a while.
  4. Any news on Quebec? Have 6 games to play against him. I also have 3 vs Dragon to play to round out the season, but we are having difficulty organizing something due to the time difference & work hours right now.
  5. Just a Gens C heads up - I added everyone to my AIM list when the standings were posted and haven't seen sdogg420420 or MAX4000 online once.
  6. I just snagged one of these from eBay too, looks pretty cool.
  7. Gens C - I will be around later tonight and probably most of tomorrow if anyone wants to play some games. Weekends are currently a lot easier schedule-wise than weekdays for me.
  8. I was at the Pond a couple of weeks ago, I'm pretty sure it's still in Anaheim.
  9. If EA aren't interested I'm sure if you contacted an indie developer, some kind of remake could be conjured up. Look what BomberGames did with the Streets of Rage remake - a game that's utterly true to the look and feel of the old SoR games, but with some great extras thrown in. For NHL94, the plan would be obvious - online game lobbies, teams from multiple eras, bugfixes - but, fundamentally, nothing that is going to majorly change the way that the game plays. I would be pretty ecstatic with a remake which just added these things, gave optimisation for modern PCs (resolutions, etc.) and nothing else.
  10. I'd like to make a change in Gens C - Pittsburgh to Buffalo.
  11. Apart from netplay support, I really dislike the way Gens handles a lot of things, although I'll grin and bear most of it. One thing that really bugs me, however, is the (apparent?) inability to set Gens to a default window size above the piffling 640x480 in the options. Resizing with the mouse every time I start Gens is tedious and distorts the image ratio. Using a maximized window or fullscreen just looks annoying on a 22" TFT. So, are there any tricks to assigning other default window sizes/resolutions to Gens? (I couldn't see any .ini commands) Otherwise, are there any other emulators that support netplay, give better video options (a la Fusion) and are league-approved? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. Alright, kpuck19 was kind enough to help me out tonight, but unfortunately we were in a whole world of desyncs - every game either on a public server or P2P through Hamachi desynced, regardless of who was hosting! Gonna try a reinstall of a few things but if anyone has experience/ideas on this one then I'd be glad to hear about it. Edit: Just ran a local test through P2P/Hamachi and things look fine. I'm currently thinking the problem was that I didn't close the ROM before starting netplay - would that cause desyncing? Edit2: Just been trying some games out with mav and it seems to be sorted. I basically just need to stop loading and clicking things I shouldn't be by the looks of things.
  13. Looking forward to it! The $100, that is.
  14. Thanks, I'll add you once I'm done with work and see if anyone's still around.
  15. Hey all! I haven't been around here for a very, very long time but I actually just moved to the US within the last couple of months, so think it'd be cool to finally be able to join the leagues on here. If anyone's in for a test game, my AIM is SureshotNHL94. I'm doing slightly crazy OT hours at the moment so I'm avail most days from about 11PM PST, 7PM Saturday and all day Sunday unless something else is on. In case it jogs any memories, I made this video about 4 years ago: . I also played in one of the NHLGamer.com leagues around the same time and got destroyed by people like Tickenest!
  16. Good job on the line stamina bars guys, thanks
  17. More feedback: Played Anaheim (Home) vs Montreal (Away). On the J.D. Whatsisface screen, Anaheim had an overall rating of a mighty '.7'. P.S., if you want this feedback putting elsewhere rather than here (in case you don't read it much) then let me know.
  18. You can use my 'out for game' cap if you REALLY hate him Edit: even kept the original large version: P.S., I should also say, nice shirts
  19. Been playing a little more and still liking it. However, I do have one quibble with your hack, Mack, which is the stamina bars on line changes. I find it offputting having the multicoloured bars there, particularly when the non-filled part is grey rather than black. A simple solid colour on black would do here Edit: I realise now that the bars appear to be part of the template. In that case, I'm poking you instead, wboy!
  20. Great stuff, we most definitely need more of this On a side note, did you use the direct (on the rom) speed-up workaround that you discovered recently? Seems nice and quick from first impressions, but that could be to do with stats of course.
  21. That's some really nice passing, good job!
  22. Any goal scored by any player = DENNIS BERGKAMP!!!!111 Why? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFvXVlfu4vs
  23. I actually gave yours a 4 as it happens. There is no consipracy
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