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  1. How does that twine hold up on the 2v2 roller hockey? I'm interested in it just for that!
  2. This is amazing. 1. I'm a huge Devils fan, so I'm jealous. 2. LOL @ Daneyko (keep that bum on the bench!) 3. The Rock is a great arena, and that screen looks awesome. Too bad you didn't play the superior SNES version Edit: If I were Ken, I would've stuck with the Stastny - Zelepukin - Holik line, keeping Stevens - Fetisov in on D -- does that line work at all in Genesis? It's my go-to in SNES!
  3. Haha, that's exactly how I feel about nhl94hockey -- I'm fine with only tracking me vs kero5hin/heatrash. I've archived a bunch of our games, but we have over 4000 games between us over the past 5 years of that site's existence. Btw, I did have an old open source version of my site, but it's well out of date now (sorry, I haven't been a good open sourcer ). I have been thinking of replatforming it and re-releasing it with all the new stuff. If I do that, I'll let you know.
  4. This was the whole idea I had behind nhl94hockey.com but no one wanted it because "I don't have time for exhibition games." I had about 40 or so people signed up at any given time, but it ended up being largely me and my buddy Kero5hin doing all the gaming. Admittedly, my playtime has dropped in the last couple years, but I still update the site with minor bug fixes and stuff. Actually doing a couple bugfixes at the moment! Hopefully it works out for you where it didn't for me. I honestly think the largest problem I had was no instant name recognition in this community. It's very insular and cliquey. EDIT: btw my name on https://nhl94hockey.com is halfMANhalfDONUT and Kero5hin is HeatRash (in case any of you want to play us at any point)
  5. There is no expiring link. It still works, I just tested it. You can join on your own. EDIT: What killed it was the total lack of buy-in from lifer folks. Some people complained that they had to use an email address to sign up (as though you can't create a throwaway). Some people complained that AIM was fine and needed no substitution. If leagues don't demand people use Slack/Discord, no one will bother. It's a very stubborn community at times. I've never been a large part of it, and I don't expect it to change because of or for me. That said, I haven't used AIM in a long ass time, so I have no reason to join any of the leagues.
  6. I set up a slack team before. Almost no one joined. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/17538-nhl-94-slack-team/
  7. It's happened quite a few times to me in SNES. Never been a crucial goal, luckily.
  8. Email is visible if you look at someone's profile. I'd suggest setting up an nhl-specific email address if you want to stay anonymous.
  9. https://slack.com/downloads Slack has free apps for ios/android/windows phone and I assure you it's a better experience than aim.
  10. I've added kingraph and halifax as admins, although I don't think there's really all that much to do in the slack team. I guess they can delete messages or kick people out if necessary. So far only a few people have signed up, but I'm hoping more people test it out and we can come to a consensus on whether or not to use it. I use slack for a few different teams/games, and it's been worlds better than aim. We could have integrations in slack that ping people to remind them about game deadlines, or push notifications to dedicated league channels when games are uploaded (showing team/player/score or whatever we want to put in there). There's just a lot of stuff you can do with it. My main push for slack vs aim is that you don't need to manage a buddy list, it's automatically managed as people join/leave the team.
  11. Just an FYI, I added a service that will let you join. Just enter your email address, hit join, and it will email you a link: https://nhl94slack.herokuapp.com/ This works indefinitely.
  12. Aim is ok overall. But you still have to get everyone's handle from somewhere, and someone has to maintain the list and keep it current. Slack lets people join with their handle and it's automatically listed for everyone to see. The chat history isn't dependent upon one person having aim log the conversations, it's automatically saved on the slack server for you. Want to leave a message for someone that's never online? Just send the message and they'll get it when they pop in. Aim doesn't reliably do that. If everyone on the site were using it, I think communications would be much smoother.
  13. Also, just want to note, I keep this slack room open in the background while I work, so if anyone ever does join, feel free to drop me a message (wambotron).
  14. The expiring link is only for signing up, I'll keep updating it. The other option is to just allow a list of @whatever domains for signup in the room. Slack is pretty nice. Chat history, file drops, shared rooms, etc. I understand we have some stubborn folks here, but if they want to stay on aim, that's fine.
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