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  1. Yeah, I'd like some SNES games too. My name is jurikobeski on AIM. Hit me up whenever I'm on.
  2. Hey Vinnie, are you going to continue on the farm league as well? I talked to dcicon yesterday (and then suffered the wrath of Mogilny) and confirmed he is still doing farm, I just want to make sure I keep my list organized.
  3. Does this mean dcicon is out of the farm league? I just want to organize my buddy list accordingly.
  4. I got to play a couple games against MTL today, and I'm hoping to knock out a couple more this weekend. I'll be online Sunday evening, probably around 7pm Eastern if anyone wants to do some of the league games.
  5. I'd like to join, but it seems as if no one is ever online when I try to find a game. If any of you see me online and would like to test me out or whatever before letting me join in, feel free: jurikobeski
  6. I'll play when I'm on, AIM: jurikobeski
  7. I am new to NHL94 online (however I do play Tecmo Super Bowl over at TPC -- also played in a league called GAG a few years back), but I'd like to get in on this if you're still accepting people. aim: jurikobeski team preference: 1. Washington 2. Vancouver 3. New Jersey Let me know either way.
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