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  1. I have set mine to 1024x896 DR WIN. It seems to freeze if I try to move the window around, otherwise it's fine.
  2. I started on Sega CD, then went to Genesis, finally ending up on SNES. I greatly prefer SNES. The framerate doesn't bother me, and I think some of the things like hitting the post are much more realistic than Genesis where it never really seems to happen. I think the sounds/checking/graphics are better in SNES (larger sprites!), plus the defense controls and goalie button. I think the goalies play better in genesis, but there are pass-shots that always go in to kind of ruin it. Snes is harder to pass and setup. The guys seem much rougher in snes in general. I think my main issue with genesis right now is that the multiplayer is abysmal. Using the kaillera thing to connect is a joke. I've had issues with someone just down the street from me using it. The multiplayer in Zsnes is 1029102910209x better, and so I only play snes online anymore. Edit: I don't know how I forgot the horrible boards sound in genesis. What the hell is that even supposed to be?
  3. You're the last one I have to play! If you see me on aim (I'm usually on every day for a little while and can make myself available later/weekends if need be), hit me up and we can knock out those games. If you have a particular schedule you follow, let me know.
  4. I actually think he has a point with the league stuff. Almost everyone I've talked to only really does leagues, not exhibitions (or they play genesis ). There are always a few people who completely kill the league momentum by not getting their games in. I almost think the community would be well served with a one-day tourney. That way you declare your eligibility before it starts, and if you don't show for game time, you forfeit.
  5. Can we get a replacement on SNES-C Boston? I've tried reaching out about 20 times now via IM and forum, and I get no response. The dude is now 2 checkpoints behind with no online presence and hasn't played a single game in almost 2 weeks.
  6. I've messaged you a few times while you were online, but you never respond. You're the last person I have to play, so let's get this overwith! I see you only have 4 gp, so I know you need some for a checkpoint.
  7. I use Falloon - Gaudreau - Garpenlov. Kisio is TOO SLOW to use, almost guaranteed to get destroyed before he can get anywhere near the net. He does have a good shot on one-timers, but playing against experienced players means he's not likely to be open (or standing).. Sometimes I swap out Wilkinson for Ozolinsh, but usually the 5/24 combo works well. Really it's a matter of if one of them is cold or not. This is all SNES, though. I haven't really played SJ on genesis much in years.
  8. The only time I can find a slapper working is during a penalty shot if the goalie is even slightly out of position. If you're far enough out and they're hanging back a bit, it almost always goes in. Other than that, I think it's easiest to try to cross-body shot.. head one way and shoot back across. You don't need to be in any special position for it to go, it just depends on goalie positioning. I really think scoring in SNES is more sensible than the genesis version. Positioning for both shooter and goalie matter so much more! But yeah, 5-hole almost NEVER goes. You get the rare trickler, but you have to have a wicked shot.
  9. Man, I don't have anything as detailed as you guys. - I can't remember when I first signed up, but my first league was in Blitz as Vancouver. I don't actually like the Gens version that much, and I got rolled in that league. I couldn't score. - My first SNES league was Spring of 2010. I took my real favorite team (NJ) and also lost a ton. This is a theme for me. - I actually don't mind losing at all, especially if goofy things happen during the game. - I play a s**t ton of games against Kero5hin/Heatrash. We grew up together and I always know when he's on or wants to play a game. - The only team I really dislike losing with is NJ. I also hate beating NJ when I play them! - I wrote 90% of sea-hag.net over the course of one weekend, but I've been updating it randomly since then. At first it only had SNES and it didn't show any of the scoring/penalty summary. Now it works for both gens and snes, also shows both summaries, although I do NOT keep individual team player stats (I want the focus of the site to be on real life gamers and their stats, not the individuals on teams). - I MUCH prefer playing exhis rather than league games. I get bored playing the same team all the time :\ - In most of my exhibition games on sea-hag, I play the away team. I like the dark jerseys. - I originally came to this site after playing for years in the tecmo circuit (now tecmoplayers.com) and some of those leagues. I still play Tecmo sometimes, but NHL94 is my favorite game.
  10. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I feel like reading your posts is like trying to decipher prehistoric glyphs
  11. I don't mind. You can't really get better without playing better people!
  12. haha nope, all of you guys are gone. Sorry!
  13. Admiral and Medvescak have been added in ASE/ASW (for ease of updating). Rosters are based on ~15 games in (today) with players who have played the most games (notable exception is Ilya Kovalchuck, who has been injured but belongs in the game). I really need to figure out how to do logos in this rom! khl14juiced.smc
  14. Game 1: http://nhl94online.com/html/box_score.php?gameid=14638 Started off with a bang as CHI rolled to 5 straight 1st period goals. SJ had nothing to answer, and just kept falling like a pee wee team on its first skate. 3 late 1st period goals helped to even out the tone a bit for the Sharks just before the break. From there out, it was a 6-2 slant for the Sharks, going all the way down to the final whistle of the third. Final: 9-7 SJ Game 2: http://nhl94online.com/html/box_score.php?gameid=14639 SJ jumped out early with the first goal, but soon regained their coffee cake state, giving up 3 goals to CHI in the 1st period. A relatively quiet 2nd period had only one goat netted for Chicago, with SJ feeling sorry for themselves and wishing to be back at the Shark Tank. The 3rd period started with a bang as SJ grabbed a goal to come back within 2, before CHI b***h-slapped them back to reality with yet another goal. Seconds later, SJ answered to pull within two. It was not enough, though, as SJ only managed to get one back in the final minute, falling to the Blackhawks Final: 5-4 CHI Game 3: http://nhl94online.com/html/box_score.php?gameid=14630 Another eventful 1st with both teams scoring 2 goals. 2 to start for CHi, and 2 to catch up for SJ. The 2nd period had only enough room for S. Larmer to net a goal and give CHI the advantage going into the final period. .. OR WAS IT THE FINAL PERIOD? SJ tied it up in the 3rd, forcing the OT! The Sharks were feeling pretty good after evening out in the 3rd. "This will be a great chance for us to pull out a win" Coach Wambo was overheard saying to his somewhat frail and partially inept team, but Goulet was there to snuff it out within the first minute of OT. Many probably-not-so-manly tears were shed in the Shark Tank. Final: 4-3 CHI (OT) Game 4: http://nhl94online.com/html/box_score.php?gameid=14631 Chicago raced out to an early 2-0 lead after the 1st period, trying to destroy and potential dreams of victory the Sharks may have had. But a 2nd period edge of 4 goals for SJ, 2 more for CHI made this game deadlocked for the 3rd and final pe--... NOT AGAIN! No one could muster any offense for the 3rd period, taking this game into a 4-4 OT. Unfortunately for Chicago, Irbe had some ideas on how to make this a victory, seal-clubbing Smith, causing him to rough-house with another player and take a 2 minute minor. Seconds later, Marchment decided he just wanted a hug, leading him to the bin with Smith. They weren't done yet, though, as Roenick, potentially concussed and delirious, was hauled in for tripping in OT, leaving 3 starters in the penalty box. San Jose, after almost 2 minutes of 5 on 3, stumbledicked their way to victory on a Rob Gaudreau score. Final: 5-4 SJ (OT) Gaudreau was the star for the Sharks, mounting 16 points through the series. Chicago was lead by their forwards, who were all deadly against Arturs "Ghostie on Goal" Irbe Good series, I enjoyed it!
  15. Number - 47 Position - D Handedness - Right Weight - 196 Speed - 3 -- I can be quick in bursts, but not for an extended period Agility - 4 -- Skating is probably my strongest suit Off.Awareness - 3 -- While I can score both in D and F, I'm not as big on it Def.Awareness - 5 -- It's where I've always played! Shot Power - 2 -- I'm more of a wrister than slapper Checking - 4 -- Not a big hitter, but a definite disruptor Fighting - 2 -- I don't do it often, but it's happened. Stick Handling - 2 -- Yeah, not great. Shooting Accuracy - 2 -- My wristers are almost always on target, slappers not at all. Endurance - 2 -- I sit at a desk too much.. Roughness - 4 Passing - 3 -- Pretty similar to shooting, my passes are wristastic Pass/shoot Bias - 1 -- I'll feed you! I'm not sure how to calculate the overall from that, but it's probably like 59.
  16. Hahah yeah this game was goofy. The ending was totally fitting
  17. I'm going to be out most of this weekend due to a wedding (not mine, but my wife is in the .. stage group thing that stands by the bride), but whenever you see my lovely AIM handle on (wambotronique), it means I'm ready to play some games! Hit me up if you see me. If you can't find me on aim and have limited availability, feel free to drop me a private message on here and we can arrange a time.
  18. A reminder that if you see me online (wambotronique), I AM available for games. I only use that screenname for NHL94.
  19. Yeah, promoting SeaHag is fine with me. I use it more than the leagues just because it's easier for me to play an exhi here and there than join a bunch of leagues. I hope some other folks find some use for it. I like the idea of weighted DNPs too, it will definitely help in the end standings and ease some of the annoyances of seeking opponents.
  20. i don't mind making or missing the playoffs. I just like playing. I don't think I'm a particularly big member on the site (especially for teaching folks how to do things), but I understand wanting them to learn from vets. I still think it's worthwhile to make new folks play a few games with a few different members and upload them on sea-hag before they're allowed in a league. This would ensure they know how to-- save games from the emulator upload games to a site verify games (which is more a sea-hag thing than it is for classic league-- you have to confirm a score someone submits before it will show up/count for/against you) find people to play games! At that point, you could just have league makeup based on availability rather than perceived ability. I'm bad with QUE and NJ, and those are the two teams I've used in Classic league. i pick them to try new things, new lineups. Anyway, as I said, we'll see how this season goes. Last season was particularly bad (and I remember Kero5hin bitching about never finding anyone online) with one dude in Sweden, one in the west somewhere, another one only available for like 2 games per week total (not just 2 per opponent). I was lucky enough to get the majority of my games in within 2 weeks or I probably would've ended up with a bunch of DNPs by the end. Re: sea-hag-- I wrote that in PHP to make it generally usable for everyone. I have to take out some customized things (AWS for keeping states, Sendgrid for emailing folk), but I can make that code available for anyone to put on their own server somewhere. I always mean to do it, but I have three kids . Even if I end up leaving the community at some point (doubtful, I've been playing this game since it came out!), someone can keep that site going or change it up to add more features. Even if I don't sign up for classic league next time, I'll still be available for exhibition games! I just don't want to spend more time searching for people than playing them
  21. I get that Kero5hin and I are not good at this game, but one of the biggest issues I have is tracking people down to play. This is ALWAYS worse when there are new guys. It sucks being in the s**t league with random ass dudes when there is a league of regular players who have been showing up forever only taking up 6 slots. And really, if you cared a ton about competition, I don't think everyone would take teams like Ottawa. :\ We'll see how this season goes, but I know last season got frustrating catching people for their games. I'm not sure I'll keep joining if I always end up in the new fellas league.
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