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  1. I met Stanley Cup. He was in a box, but I x-rayed him, and now I have a x-ray picture of the Cup. B-)
  2. Any idea what to register and where? Still trying to get this working. Works on my XP box, can't be so big problem...
  3. I created mine today. Nick is: sp3c1alsm1th I'll install the app on my computer when at home and start adding people. See you then! I will lose so bad...
  4. Hi guys, I've been reading this forum for a while already, but thought to introduce my self just now. I have history in playing NHL Hockey on PC, or as we always called it "ysinelonen", means 94 in finnish. That was, and still is THE most best greatest game, ever. So, then few years ago I bought this silly small "gaming console". A set of two Sega gamepads (linked together with cable) that you attach to your TV with RCA and then you can play NHL94 and Fifa. Great item to sell! I found that visiting Stockholm, cost something like 10 bucks. With that set we started to have tournaments with few of my friends, but soon wanted to enhance the gaming experience, move closer to "the original NHL Hockey", original to us. I tested every version of NHL 93/94/95 on both console emu's, SNES and Gens. Closest to PC game was this SNES version, NHL 94. After that we have played NHL 94 on Zsnes for hours and hours. I would say that my graduation delayed because of the game. When we didn't have lessons to go, we just went to school to play on big screen in an empty class room. Online experience with ZSnes is great too! We've hade several tournaments and a league also. In two weeks we'll have a tournament, has been a long time... My palms are alrady sweating. To add something special here, I would like to ask you guys a question. How many of you do have a X-ray picture of Stanley Cup? I do... Some benefits working in a international airport. Those times I also met for example Jari Kurri multiple times. Also met Oleg Petrov. (from MTL #6 on bench in NHL Hockey, maybe the best skills in the game) I think he was playing then for some Russian team. Of course met a lot of NHL guys, but these ones I remember well, for certain reason... Has anyone done a NHL Hockey mod for SNES here? I'm planning to do one. To get rid of FLA and ANH, and get Minnesota back! Can't stand Vanbiesbrouk in FLA. Again, my NHL Hockey history... There is also some strange things going with the line-ups?! Do I remember that Modano is on wing and stuff? Anyway, I'm the happiest guy to see so many still playing (forgive me praising here) thee best (sports) game ever made. I will create an AIM account asap. Hamachi already is well known NHL-venue here too. Nice to meet you! Mikko
  5. Yea, same thing. I'm trying to get stats imported, but I'm just getting the runtime error '76'. Did anybody figure yet a solution to the problem? I would love this app so much. I'm having a tournament in two weeks, and this app could make it so much more interesting. I got the un-touched nhl94.smc from the editing area and played a game with that. Using Zsnes, that produces .zs1...9 -savestate-files. Record keeper seems to want .gs files? Still it takes a game state and I can see the stats. Just the import button kills the app. I have Windows 7 pro 32bit. I have tried compatibility modes, running as admin and what ever... Does anybody have any idea? Would appreciate. PS. Thanks Norway, humiliating swedes is always good.
  6. DAMN! Thanks. That's like a golden tip or something! Thanks man! That makes life easier...
  7. Hi! I'm a veteran in NHL Hockey on PC, but nowadays playing only Snes version because of the good online support and gameplay as close to PC version as possible. So I'm wondering, whattaheck that "Defence control" does in game pause menu?? How does it effect to game? I can't find game manual anywhere nor other answer to the question. Thanks a lot fellow fans! 15 years and still playing...