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  1. Hey Wboy, It sounds like it might be possible to edit a game through NOSE and copy it back into the Hex editor to burn onto a sega CD. Can you go into more detail possibly? I'm a little confused when you talk about hex offsets and what not.
  2. agreed. sweeney is a tank. as is todd gill. there is more to checking than just the checking stat however.
  3. what is up with this team! Put Gartner at center and they are spectacular..... two good defencemen, gartner and esa are super fast, plus messiers checking..... why doesn't anyone use this team? anyone tried them out? Gartner is 20x better at center btw.
  4. Evan, any ISO would be great, I'd just like to make sure that it will work on my system....
  5. I've been waiting all day for this post. Yes its true, we 'mustarded' up enough balls to go play him. Yes its true, I lost all games, albeit by one goal. Yes its true, I have a newfound respect for Gary Leeman. BUT. KGman neglected to mention what he said to me last night, which was "you're the best player I've ever played against" which means next time, maybe at soccer1's house, there will be an ass whooping. Who knows, maybe soccer1 will have his team picked by then!
  6. I have a sega cd game that came with the system and it works fine... I know this is a long shot, but if I mailed you a blank cd, with a prepaid return envelope, could you burn me a copy just to see if it works on mine or not? Won't cost you a dime, except for your time
  7. Gary Leeman? The ex leaf? Good god this will be easier than i thought.
  8. Couple more quick questions: what brand cds do you use to burn them? Does it matter if they are CD-RWs?
  9. Evan, I've followed your directions directly, and unfortunately, it still isn't working.... I've taken some screen shots of the cd that has been burnt, can you take a look and see if these screen shots match what should be there in a disc that works properly? If you can thanks a lot! NHL___1.doc NHL___2.doc NHL___3.doc
  10. Evan, I"m having some trouble burning the sega cd iso to a cd and then playing it on my sega cd system. The burned disc has been in my system for about five minutes now and it looks like it can't read the cd. I've downloaded fireburner, registered it, and listed the tracks to be burnt in this order: the nhl94.iso track02.mp3 and the rest of the mp3 tracks in numerical order. I got this from the link you referenced near the top of this forum. Anyway, is this correct the way I am doing this? If not could you let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  11. Evan, i downloaded the hex editor, as well as the Sega CD ISO file from the link you gave me. When I open the ISO in the hex editor, it does not appear to be the same as the normal NHL 94 version. In particular, there are no team names or player names in the upper right corner of the hex editor. Is there something else I should be doing or another manner in which I should be editing the game? Thanks again!
  12. Evan sorry if this has been covered or not in the past, but I know very little about burning. Is it possible to edit the sega cd version of nhl 94, burn it to a cd and then play it on the sega cd console?
  13. kg man, don't get me wrong, I'll be suntanned and rusty, but I'm so good that me being rusty is still good enough to whoop your ass.
  14. I just PMed kgman - I'm not available until May. I'll be suntanned.... but definitely rusty.