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  1. Right on! I would love to have a candy cab, but you're right---the cost to get it over to the States is insane. But, my cab is also Dreamcast 'enabled'. There were so many great arcade ports to the 'Cast that it's a crime not to have it hooked up to some good sticks. Nothing like Ikaruga in true VGA! I wish the Genny was VGA compatible. But, she'll only output a 15 kHz signal (VGA is 31 kHz). But, if you can find an old VGA monitor that will display the lower resolution, the picture is great. Highly recommended! Even better are the new generation of 19" digital arcade monitors that are being sold now: true CGA, EGA, VGA and SVGA resolutions...
  2. Thanks guys... Yeah, just finished the first cabinet, the MAME/Dreamcast one (well, and Genesis now ). Gotta spend some quality time in Illustrator to and get started on the artwork for the '94 cab. Construction is a little slower this time of year as 'other' projects take up more time. But, I'll post some Photoshop mockups at some point... Believe it or not, control is actually pretty good with 8-way joysticks. Takes a little getting used to after years of thumbpad play, but it's still pretty tight.
  3. Wanted to share a quick write-up on an RGB cable hack I recently put together, just in case someone out there might be trying the same thing. As you can guess, the real motivation was finding the best picture possible for non-stop games of '94. As you can probably guess, the best picture quality for any video--whether it's your Genesis or your PC--is pure RGB. If you're playing NHL '94 on your Genesis (or SNES), you're probably using an RF adapter or maybe RCA cables. There's a big difference between the various connections, so if you're looking for an upgrade, here's what I did. Thanks to a tip in another forum, I discovered that a Playstation 2 Breakaway Extension cable sold at Radio Shack had the same 9-pin DIN connection identical to the Genesis model 2 A/V out. So, bought a whole bunch and proceeded to systematically plan for the best way to match the pins on the Genesis side to the arcade monitor side (read: hack away at cable and start testing any connections possible). Because the Genesis outputs a composite sync, there's no need to seperate the signal. The result is pretty sweet: rich colors and a great picture. One big point being that you'll need to find a monitor that will accept RGB and run at 15 kHz. Most current PC monitors will only go as low as 31 kHz (VGA). European users have it a little easier in that a SCART cable is plug and go... It's in the planning stages, but my next project is a dedicated NHL '94 cabaret cabinet...
  4. Reading through this thread, I have to congratulate everyone (esp. Evan) for a ton of good suggestions and a great proposal. 'NHL '94 ver. 2.0' is something I know all of us would LOVE to see happen... With the addition of it's Virtual Console for the upcoming Nintendo Wii, as well as the announcement that many classic Sega titles will be made available for play on the new console, it opens up (possibly) a new avenue to make the updated NHL '94 project. But, the bottom line in the video game business is just that--the bottom line. The biggest obstacle to this project won't be the programming or satisfying everyone's needs, but cost. It just won't fly unless the developers can recoup the costs of taking on such a project. This is where we all have to help: let the developers know (whomever is eventually contacted at EA), that this is a great opportunity. Give them articles like this one, and show them just how many of us would actually buy ver. 2.0. It's an uphill battle for sure, but damn would it be worth it.
  5. Damn! I go away for a few days and this topic blows up! Jeroen: I'm in the DC Metro area in the States, FYI. If it's not too much to ship it over here, let me know what you'd want for it. I can PayPal you... I see the EA versions on eBay every now and again, but have yet to find one for a good price. Well, that and I refuse to pay $10+ shipping for something that should cost about $3 to ship. Plus, my last couple of eBay transactions have left me less than happy---so I'm a little gun-shy at this point. Clockwise: Good call. eStarland is great--(I usually get my Saturn imports from them). I manage to get to their one remaining retail store every now and again... And, as you can imagine--it will basically be for 3-button games....
  6. Anyone have one that they'd be willing to part with for a decent price?
  7. I like it! We really should start a thread where guys contribute some old-school (or new) pics of everyone playing '94...
  8. A while back, a bunch of us headed down South for a bachelor party during March Madness. Yet the highlight of the trip was not the endless rounds of golf, all-night Hold 'Em, non-stop basketball wagering or even other 'entertainment'... was NHL '94. Unknown to the boys I had taken my Model 1 Genny console out of storage and fired her up for a glory run through all the madness. Immediately, bets were made, old rivalries were renewed and the legend that is NHL '94 added another chapter to the history (note the classic glazed-eyed, mouth open stare so common to the game). It may have been years since many of the guys had played, but it came back to us 'wicked fast'. On a technical note, the batteries from the 10+ year-old cart worked fine, keeping names and stats that had not been seen in years...
  9. La-la-la-la-la-LaFontaine!! Anyone have that audio clip of Rick Jennerette (sp?)---the announcer for the Sabres--yelling that after one of his goals? player? I'm sure the debate can rage for a long time, but he combo of LaFontaine and Mogilny is pretty damn good... Unless, of course, you've gotten used to winning with the Whalers---Sean Burke is the man! Oh how I wish the Whale was still around!!
  10. Yeah,'s interesting configuring the AVGA version of most EMUs, but well worth it, I think. I took your advice and ran with SNES9X @ 256x240, and that seemed to do the trick...looks good! Still, the most reaction comes from '94 on AVGA Gens--everyone loves it... After finding this site (and having not played '94 in a while) I went back and found a bunch of old-school pictures of a bunch of us playing in college. I'll have to post 'em at some point, they're damn funny...
  11. Nice! You're correct: using a new 19" Kortek monitor running AVGA with Gens in it's native 321x240, and it looks fantastic (nice work on that modification, BTW). I haven't integrated this with MAMEWAH yet--is that fairly straightforward? The cabinet project is here, BTW: What's funny is that we've actually gotten quite used to the joystick setup--with our group, '94 quickly becomes 'full-contact', so it's a whole new element when there's someone standing right next to you at a cabinet... <grin>. Also, I posted a topic regarding running the AVGA version of ZSNES on the BYOAC forum and no one's been able to help me. Any ideas on this? Thanks- Frosty
  12. All: Just wanted to say hey---just came across this site just recently and wanted to show you guys our NHL '94 running in a custom-built cabinet. Takes a little getting used to the joystick controls, but it's the most played game for us...