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  1. Hi, I would like to try NHL 99 over hamachi. PM me if you want to play.
  2. Hi, it's been a while since I played '94. Though I play '99 once in a while. Is there a thread where I can post to have a chance to find people to play '99? I am currently without an unbroken controller and like to use my mouse to skate in '99, so I'd love to find someone to play it with.
  3. Hey, I got my aim going. I added everyone above, my name is sirmarksalot94, add me as well. Also, I found the option for saving the playoffs. Config/Saves and check the auto state save/load. Now I can stop in the middle of a game and come right back to it days later. A nice option. Unfortunately I can't find where you toggle the ability to switch to the defensemen using the L/R keys, I've looked everywhere. BTW, is there no fighting in this version? No major penalties either. This seems different from the NHL 94 I remember playing. We were able to fight and when we injured another player it usually resulted in the 5 min major penalties. PS I launched the Gens version to try it out, but I couldn't see how to get it working with keyboard controls. It seems to require a joypad.
  4. Ahh select, I knew there had to be one somewhere. Activating defensemen, that definitely sounds like something I can make good use of. Using the player switch key takes a while to get to them. Where do I activate the control? I have line changes and penalties as options before playing, but haven't come across defense controls. Also, I was curious if the Genesis version is much different. I wonder if one is considered to be superior over the other. Is there a way to save tournament progress? It doesn't seem that you can play through a regular season schedule like on the console, am I right? Thanks.
  5. Okay, that sounds like the way to go. I don't have a snes, but how much did the adapter cost? I forgot to ask about the controls. I thought nhl 94 had a deke move or something on the right or left button. Also, you could lay down to block shots. As goalie, you could poke check if I remember correctly. Is there a part of the forum that covers controls? I'm also curious about passing along the boards and to other players, it seems there's no diagonal. I mean has anyone discussed how passing works? I lose the puck a lot because I pass in the direction I'm not intending to. I'm not sure if this is just how the game works, or if I'm not hitting the proper directional arrow. Thanks. I can't wait to play someone over hamachi.
  6. I can't believe I can play nhl 94 against ppl again. My brother and I had a lot of fun when this came out. When he visits on holidays I keep telling him to bring his snes so we can play, but not yet. It's been a good dozen years since I've played this. The keyboard is hard on the fingers, what's the cheapest/best controller to get? I'll add you all to AIM once the damn thing let's me register a name, it's not cooperating. Comms along with this game could be a lot of fun.
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