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  1. i was wondering if anyone can change the ducks name to LAD cause thats what their known as now cause of that stupid LA anaheim thing that started in the mid 00s now la has 2 of everything exept o wait thats right A FOOTBALL TEAM!!!! in the nhl2010 hack please just name LAK=la kings LAD=la ducks. and i was wondering why is selanne still in their???
  2. cool thanks bro hey i know this is the wrong place to talk about this but is their anyone i can ask if they could update nhl allstars 95 from sega sports ? i uploaded the .bin file on this link;#entry88453
  3. hey im a newbie to this site but not the old nhl 90s games played them in the sega genesis model 2 back in the day my first nhl game was nhl94 is their anyway i could get this ??? pls my email xenaspanky[at] o and i posted a forum with nhl 95 from sega sports old school underated gem
  4. hi im new to this place but not new to NHL 94 first hockey game i ever played than played 93 than 96 my last nhl game was NHL all star hockey by sega sports i posted a thread and the rom that i dumped from my nhl 95 allstars cart as it is in bad shape heres the forum link i accidentally double posted the bin file;#entry88453
  5. hi guys i was wondering if you guys knew about sega sports underated gem NHL95 allstars i was wondering if anyone could update it with todays rosters i like it cause it has bits of announcing like when you go up to do a onetimer the announcer yells ONETIMER!!. sorry for the double upload guys NHL_All_Star_Hockey_95__U_____.bin NHL_All_Star_Hockey_95__U_____.bin