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  1. Great job on the pictures and everything. Non-sarcastic Kane Clap...
  2. Yeah, I'll stick with my emulator and hq4x sharpening.
  3. Bronze league roller hockey - so I compare myself to the league teammates Number - 20 Position - RW/LW Handedness - Left Weight - 185. Trying to get this down again (was as low as 165) Speed - 3. Getting better. Might change this when I get new wheels. Agility - 4 - better than my top speed Off.Awareness - 5. Getting the hang of it. Def.Awareness - 3. Good PK, good shot blocker, OK at stick checks Shot Power - 2. No slappers, but my wrist shot isn't bad Shot Accuracy - 4 - Can't get it top shelf but the accuracy low is getting better. Checking - 0. No checking in my league. Fighting - 0. No fighting Stick Handling - 3. Getting better Endurance - 5. I don't get gassed as long as we have 2 full forward lines Roughness - 1. Most of my penalties are bench minors or cracking the playing surface Passing - 3. Good accuracy, no saucer passes yet. Aggressiveness - 2. Is this actually in NHL 94?
  4. Add me to the farm league. AIM: BriGuy9000 Preferred teams: Tampa Bay Lightning San Jose Sharks Chicago Blackhawks Cleveland Crusaders (WHA custom)
  5. Keep the old stats (or give us modern day rosters), give it good matchmaking, and run it through a filter (hq3x at least) and I'd consider plunking down $5 for it.
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