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  1. I want in! L.A The home of hockey! if its not to late
  2. fenty

    SDL 4 lines

    TEAM NAME: L.A 1st Line LW:Mark Recchi C:Luc Robitaille RW:Dino Ciccarelli RD:Al MacInnis LD:Brian Leetch G:Tommy Soderstrom Xtra:Dave Gagner 2nd Line: LW:Craig Janney C:Dave Gagner RW:Joe Mullen RD:Alexei Zhitnik LD:Nicklas Lidstrom
  3. gagner to 96 leetch to 13 macinnis to 69
  4. Difficult for someone who thinks a snes usb controller should automaticly work on a wii or any other games console. Nothings difficult about pressing the 'A' button to install a couple of programes that are on the SD card.. You can even install all of the emulators from the homebrew browser. For roms just drop into the roms folder & it works. Everythings easier than operating ZSNES!
  5. I am installing perisope on bluestacks as I type, now its installed, just gota register me a twitter account
  6. I pick "sexxy" Alexei Zhitnik
  7. Dave "the rave" gagner
  8. I pick Dino 'yoshi' Ciccarelli
  9. I pick Dino Ciccarelli
  10. I pick Mark "ricky lake" Recchi
  11. Sign me up to this badboy, il take the la kings
  12. use the sd card slot on any laptop pc to put files on, and your wii doesnt have to be connected to the internet http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/96886-guide-softmod-any-wii.html
  13. No the wii doenst have to be connected to the net, you just need a cheap card reader of ebay for 4$ or nearly every single laptop has sd slots on the side, just note your wii mac address (found in settings menu) and enter on the letterbomb website and it generates a custom letter bomb file on your sd card then you put in wii and go to calender and click on it as it appears as a callendar message. its all very easy and straight forward, il talk you through the process on aim while you do it.
  14. Ive found a good class 10 sdhc card runs the games smoother than a normal low class sd card.. also.. I thought the emulators run just as good, mabee even better than the virtual console
  15. Any questions hit me up on aim, ive softmodded around 10 wiis, its foolproof if you follow the 'wiihacks softmod any wii guide' its reccomended you use a normal 2gb sd card and not a higher sdhc card as priiloader the programe i think is old and doesnt support sdhc but once its up and running you can use a micro sd card in an adaptor inplace of the sd card. Also.. dont fool around with other regions wads, this is a sure way to brick the wii. you can test them on the dolphin emulator, you can install wads to an emunand as the wiis system memory is low and you can only load about 4 wads onto it, the snes loader wad is handy also.. I know a good site for wii roms, ask me on aim for it, no bullshit links or codes or parts, just straight downloads
  16. Regaerding the original post.. my strat is to hammer the s**t out of nearby players, especialy against the barrier, then the net if a player isnt nearby, think ive hit about 6 after the goal has been scored, regarding dislodging the net, ive done at least 4, I think 5 or 6 is possible with 2 player. its also possible to push it upwards and past the glass barrier, mabee a good shove and it will go for hotdogs and glitch the game taking goalie off after penalty shot been called to avoid a pen? what a revelation, and the faceoff one i didnt know about either, these actions should be commended! il try these with hazmat later A bonus game would be where you calculate every hit after the goals etc and net dislodgements. when 2 players try to see who hits eachother the most after a goal its better than the old fighting system because its not random, add the hits up at the end of a game, 2 points a hit and 1 point for net dislodgment. I would win this easy.
  17. oops was reading the gens thread, il take calgary if pos
  18. Usally happens by accident with me The best is when a scoring chance is halted then I score from the breakaway!! It happens a lot less now that ive imnproved more coincidently & never in league games! Only seems to upset one person I play & another used to quit.
  19. theres a subliminal message in my new aviator.
  20. Fent takes chicargo or as the game says, chicago Halifax Edit: It's not your turn yet bud.
  21. Does my eyes deceive me or is there 10 in 1 group and 7 in the other, I know I play like 3 men!
  22. I thought all the teams had the same AI except for stats.
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