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    give and goes, staking it into an emtpy net when your opponent switches to manual goalie to cover the one timer and you pass it back and stake it into an empty cage!
  1. plaid...exact same as you buddy...thats the way to do it!
  2. Jeff...that 4:1 your laying me I'll take in a second! but what would the teams look like? Im fine with 10 minute periods. If your ever in victoria its game time (250) 385-9976, ask for mark.
  3. Ok Guys, here's my list of the best teams 94 can ice...what do you all think? 1st Team All Stars: note: (forward positions interchangeable) LW) Kirk Muller C) Mario Lemeuix (league MVP) RW) Adam Oates D) Ray Bourque D) Paul Coffey G) P. Roy 2nd Team All Stars: LW) Pavel Bure C) Steve Ysterman RW) Jeremy Ronick D) Chris Chellios D) Al Macinnis G) Ed Belfour 3rd Team All Stars: LW) Alexander Mogilny C) Eric Lindross RW) Teemu Selanne D) Jeff Brown D) Dave Ellet G) Tim Cheveldae 4th Team All Stars:LW) Thereon Fluery C) Doug Gilmour RW) Joe Newndyck D) Rob Blake D) Go
  4. Hey guys, I just stumbled on this website today and have spent a few hours looking through much of the content and am just absolutely thrilled with what Im finding. I used to think I was perhaps one of the best 94 players around, but now I have been truly humbled as I have only logged perhaps at most 2000 games..... my point of the SNES version, Gretzky just doesnt live up to the player that he should be at the start of the 94 season. He has decent passing, skating and shooting skills but his weakness is so pronounced that it makes him relatively ineffective
  5. Best SNES playes: 1) Mario (hands down....I cant believe more dont think tough, so skilled, great reach 2) Muller 3)Ysterman 4) Ronick 5) Oates 6)Bourque Underated D men Jeff Brown Gord Murphy Washigton's D core Al Macinnis Overrated Pierre Turgeon J. Jagr Steve Larmer Wayne Gretzky (whats up with him!!!! so weak)
  6. hey Jeff...also from B.C. (Victoria) also think I might be the best nhl94 player in the world....would love to see some of those moves...
  7. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this place is amazing!!!!! I cant believe there are people out there who loved 94 as much as I do.....My love for the game is huge but I've had limited success in finding playing parnters except for one good buddy, who I've played steadily with for a good 6 years... over that time we started having best of 199 game series' and are now winding down our 5th season of the best of 199 game format. We keep records, ie, most player goals, assists, points, penalty minutes, shots, team goals, shots, save percentage, shutout streaks and much more. also we do a