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  1. Breaking News We made a discovery that make us believe that NHL 96 was also in the GA (according to the CD case). If it's in the GA, it's in the GA
  2. I'd like to see another GA Video from you guys, you are just awesome!

  3. 1993 / Four numbers, One year and yet the best year of the century. That year, the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup. But that was only the beginning. The Greatest Game Ever got released back then ( may be the greatest GA game ever after Toejam and Earl ). Yes, I am talking about Ron Barr and his NHL 94. Like millions of people around the world we, Zalex and Freydey, played the game and we've enjoyed every second of it. Long before we found out about this website and the joy to play online, we've been both in the GA for years just like NHL 94. Three years after we joined the online community of 94, we introduced to other human beings, what was GA, who was it and how to be it. --- Dear Mofapes, Three years has passed since we united our GA to wackon, trapon and rapon each other. Today, the time has come to thanks GOD for letting us, inferior human beings, enjoy the masterpiece of NHL 94. Without this game and without GOD, life on earth would be pointless and Bob Sweeney wouldn't have been an international sex machine as Habs showed us. Today, each and everyone of you, should thanks GOD for what he did for us. We already did it, now your turn to be part of history. Should you post in this thread, your reply will never fade away so our childen's children know that NHL 94 was in the GA. How could we possibly thank GOD you might ask ? It's simple. Two Words : GA TRIBUTE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE GIVE YOU : Note : Anyone that would be interested to download the MP3 of the song in the video, please be patient. We are currently in negociation with Apple to release the single on the iTunes Store as soon as possible. Thank you.
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