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  1. When I was a lad, I used to play NHL '94 on the Sega Genesis, and then the Sega CD, for hours and hours and hours each night. Seriously. For hours. Each night. C shoots. B passes. That's all I needed to know of life. And I used to think to myself, "If only I could make my own version of NHL '94..." Well, thanks to you swell folks here at, I learned how to hack my very own NHL '94. And it is glorious. The game features 30 teams. We've got all the traditional NHL '94 squads, including the Nordiques, Jets, North Stars, and Whale, but we've also got the Avalanche and Stars, not to mention the Campbell and Wales Conference All-Stars. Each team's roster is filled with the best players in franchise history. So if you're a Habs fan, you can line up with Rocket Richard, Jean Beliveau, and Guy Lafleur. Not only are the Kings decked out in their swank purple and yellow threads, they can roll the Triple Crown line of Dionne, Simmer, and Taylor. Quebec has Sakic, Nolan, Sundin, and the Stastny boys. All the greats are there, from Newsy Lalonde and Joe Malone to Kid Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Some players are on more than one team, but their ratings reflect how they played with that respective club. For instance, Winnipeg Teemu Selanne is better than Anaheim Selanne. Buffalo Pat LaFontaine is better than Islander Laffy. Colorado Sakic is better than Quebec Sakic. My goal was to try and create a more realistic hockey experience. This meant attempting to make scoring more difficult. I've toned down the speed ratings in an attempt to make the game more realistic. Speed is rated on a scale of 0-3. While it may seem too slow, speed is relative. Only the fastest of the fast got a 3. Guys like Bobby Orr, Pavel Bure, and Gilbert Perreault can still fly. Shot power has also been limited. It's ranked on a 0-4 scale. Again, everything is relative, and only guys like Al MacInnis, Al Iafrate, and Bobby Hull have a 4. Goaltender ratings are generous at times in order to cut down on scoring. Breakaways are no longer automatic. Checking has been made more realistic. The weight-bug fix has been applied. Don't expect Gretzky to knock down Chara. And the speed burst has also been cut in half. So if a guy gets behind the defense, he's solid gone. I'm sure some may not approve of the reduced speeds and shot powers, but this is pretty much the exact game I always wanted to make. Thanks again for everyone's help. And just let me know if there are any players you'd like to see added to the game. NHL94_LCSHOCKEY.bin
  2. Okay, I've figured out how to track down the various songs, and I understand how to swap them for one another and whatnot. But is there a way to control exactly which song is played when a specific team scores? I'd like to make it so the Brass Bonanza only plays in Hartford, and only when the Whale scores. Is this possible? Thank you.
  3. Yeah, I was just confused about what "palette" actually meant. I was thinking it only meant the two rows of 16 colors at the bottom of the screen. When in reality, that's just one panel (or whatever word you want to use) of the overall larger palette. Now it's all good.
  4. Okay, I figured it out. I was just editing the wrong palette panel. Even though I was finding a panel with Buffalo colors, that didn't mean it was the Buffalo panel. The panel I needed to edit still had the red and black colors associated with the bison head logo, and not the added crossed swords logo. So for any other rookies out there, keep in mind that each palette panel is associated with a specific team. That was the concept I didn't seem to grasp. When you first load the 1868270 palette, the first panel to pop up is Anaheim. If you toggle to the right, the second panel will be Atlanta, and so on. Since the colors were a bit muted, or changed in some cases due to the logo changes I had made, I wasn't seeing the connection. Thanks again, fellas, for all your help. I'm sure I may be posting again when I tackle the ice logos.
  5. I figured I'd just post it here so everyone can learn from my mistakes. I went back to my last saved ROM and started over. All I did was try and paste in a new Buffalo logo. The dimensions are 48X48, and it's a png file. I just loaded up the palette and toggled through until I found one with Buffalo colors. I didn't edit any of the colors. I didn't touch a thing. Then I pasted the image and anchored it. It looks fine in TM, but once again, when I open it in the game, it still looks like the above photo with the dark red coloring. And here's the new TM screen shot... Thanks again for all your help.
  6. Okay, I've got the banners the way I want them, but the select screen logos are still giving me issues. I paste in the image I want, set up the palette so that it looks real nice on the Tile Molester, but then when I open the ROM, the colors are still all messed up. I loaded the 1868270 palette and toggled through until I found something close to the team colors, but that wasn't working. The logos were still messed up in the game. So I eventually tried to just edit the palette up to fit the team. That got the logo to look great in TM, but it still doesn't work on the game. Here are some screen captures to illustrate the point... Any thoughts?
  7. But that's the thing, though, 3 isn't too slow. It sounds like it would be, but when everything else is slowed down, it's still fast. Speed is relative. The fast guys are still fast. And it's much more realistic. I'll let you know when it's done, and you can give it a whirl.
  8. Yeah, I'd be glad to help. Just let me know. And do you remember the old hockey game Sega used to make in the late 1990s? Keith Tkachuk was the poster boy and did the commercials and whatnot. Because I think that's the game that may have used the ratings. Stats Inc would never tell us, but the instructions they gave always came from Sega, not EA. So I'm guessing it was the Tkachuk game. But I never played it to find out. I only cared about the check clearing. The ROM I'm working on now will have all the all-time greats on it. But I'm using reduced speed levels to try and slow the game down and make it more realistic. Speed ratings will only be 0-3, or maybe even 0-2. But speed will still be relative, so Orr, Coffey, and the like will still fly in comparison. And I've found giving high agility ratings can provide more speed variations. I just find the game far more enjoyable when people aren't flying around scoring crazy goals. All the other ratings are still on a 0-6 scale, though.
  9. Thanks for the help, fellas. The palette thing Beavers said makes sense. I'll try and fix it up tonight and will let you know how it goes. Yeah, I learned the hard way about saving ROMS, so now I save a new one each time I successfully add something. And I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying all this stuff. When I was a lad, I used to always think, "If only I could make my own NHL game..." And now thanks to all you guys, I can. I'm living the dream. By the way, I was a hockey writer for many years and still run a somewhat prominent hockey site, but back in the day, I actually used to do player ratings for video games. It was a freelance gig through Stats Inc. And then they gave my ratings to Sega, although I don't think they were used in the EA titles. But I used to look forward to doing the ratings every year, so this is bringing back good memories. Thanks again.
  10. I'm new to the whole editing thing. I've read a lot of the threads, have used wboy's screen references, and have watched the how-to videos on working with Tile Molester. I know how to do the the player ratings, and I've been able to edit the splash screens, the clock, Ron Barr's photo and text, the ice, the puck, uniforms, and all that good stuff. But I'm still having issues with the team select banners and logos. I haven't even attempted on-ice logos yet. I skipped trying to edit the team select banners and jumped right into editing the team select logos. While I can get the logos to display, the colors are all messed up. I had loaded the palette dec codes from NOSE. I had already edited uniforms, and had made teams wear home whites, so I used the road palette. Of course, I also tried the home palette, and the logo colors are still a train wreck. Now, is it because I didn't edit the team select banners first? Do their colors somehow affect the logo colors? Any tips on making the team select logos look better? By the way, I'm trying to insert old logos like the Nordiques over the Blue Jackets, North Stars over the Wild, Whalers over the Hurricanes, and Jets over the Coyotes. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.