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  1. Thanks for the interesting post Evan. It was exciting to play Madden and NHL when they first came out, as nothing like these games had ever been created. The next article: Madden 95 and NHL 95: How EA went into the garbage can.
  2. Very interesting results. Congratulations AJ. I can see that NHL94 skills translate well into NHL92.
  3. Okay Mac, I was just going by your dynasty rule, but I can see you have been thinking of a way do disassemble the Pitt juggernaut as well. In my new experimental rom posted in the forum, I divided Pitt into 4 different competitive teams. The team has so much talent that more than half of the great players never leave the bench.
  4. For me holding is just a poor substitute for lack of manual goalie. I usually do not have good checking teams, so it is also used by me for lack of checking ability. If you are using Pitt, NYR, Edm, or Boston, then you do not need to hold, just check your opponent into the ground and feed him a snow cone. Every season I play I am getting better at using my players to push the goalie over towards the post to cover prevent some of those easy skate by shots, but still not easy to master this technique.
  5. Last season with Toronto, I had the feeling I could beat any team I played, with the exception of NYR. I could not maneuver my slow players anywhere in range of shooting at the goal, without getting checked into the ice. NYR did not have much trouble with my defense either. My Montreal vs Hartford series this season was not even close. I have never seen anyone use Montreal as well as AJ. They are a quick team with good shooters, although not physical. I still think in a balanced league it would be hard for anyone to win a title with Montreal. Without Mario playing this season though, those odds are cut in half for Montreal. NY Rangers hold the physical edge, if both coaches play at an even level, then NYR will win. All I can say for Montreal, is, Pitt will be back with Mario and Line1 in Mac's next NHL92 league season, so if you want to win a title, this is the time.
  6. Quebec wins a tight series 3-1 vs Wpg, all 1 goal games. I didnt get a screen shot of game 2 qubec win.
  7. I like to play defense, and if my goalie gives up 0.5 less goals per game than another goalie, I will take it. There is a difference between bad goalies and good goalies, this is a fact. How big of a difference is the only debate. My game is defensive oriented. If I cannot check you into the ice with Pittsburgh or Edmonton, then I will be holding you with Toronto or Hartford. My GAA between Hartford and Toronto from Mac's league was 6.19 for Hartford, and 4.29 with Toronto in the previous season. Not everyone likes to use super-teams every season. When you are using bad teams, every single goal makes a difference in a close game. As far as home ice advantage there is no way to say for sure that it even exists (although it may).
  8. Some goalies are better than others, if you want to dispute this, then open up nose and look and see if they are all rated the same and get back to me. Is there a programed home ice advantage? Hard to say, but someone could compile the stats from Mac's league or my league and see if home teams have a higher winning percentage. I think I actually do better on the road, but who knows.
  9. I do not give up 12 goals when I am using a good team versus anyone. The more you are able to check, the less holding is necessary. The stronger teams have the option to check players into the ice, the weaker teams have the option to hold or let the offensive player repeatedly walk in front of the goalie.
  10. For my next NHL92 league, I have decided to break Pitt up into 4 teams along some objective lines. My new league rom will have South Pittsburgh, North Pittsburgh, East Pittsburgh and West Pittsburgh. South Pittsburgh has the 3 centers, minus Mario as their starting wings and center, and regular goalies. Extra players are cloned from Philadelphia. North Pittsburgh is basically Mario added at LW to Quebec. East Pittsburgh consists of Pitt's 3 right wings, and 2 right defensemen. Goalies and backups are clones from NJ, using the Wales slot on the rom. West Pittsburgh consists of Pitt's 3 left wings and 2 left defensemen. Goalies and backups are clones from SJ, using the Campbell slot on the rom. In my league Pitt has won the title 5 of 7 seasons, and played in the finals 6 of 7 seasons. I think this is better than just banning Pitt as we considered doing, and this adds 3 new decent teams. This gives the rom 13 decent teams, compared to the previous 10. I am planning on holding my league in late summer/early fall as of right now. NHL92 League2015(BP)B.bin
  11. I never notice any home ice advantage in NHL92, and I prefer to play on the road most of the time. The goalies make a big difference. The bad goalies will get pushed away by their own players far away from the goal, and take their sweet time to return to goal. The bad goalies let in all above average shots, and even medium and some very weak shots. The bad goalies will lose the puck and give up a goal on collisions. The good goalies stop bad shots, and many above average shots. NHL92 is slower and more physical, and NHL94 is faster and more finess. Manual goalie is a nice luxury to have in NHL94, but not having it does not ruin NHL92.
  12. Boston sweeps Hartford 3-0, 7-4, 8-7, and 7-5. Hartford had a 1 goal lead in the last 30 seconds of game 2 but could not hold on.
  13. Let me know when you guys are ready to play, Labs and Lupz.
  14. In major league action, Hartford split their series with Pitt 2-2. In minor league Tor 5 Wash 3, Winnipeg tied Buff with 10 seconds and won in OT 7-6, Quebec 9 Vanc 5
  15. more farm.... NJ 8 Tor 4, SJ 6 Wpg 5, Chic 5 Vanc 2, Wpg 6 Chic 5, SJ 4 Tor 3, Vanc 6 NJ 5
  16. Vanc beats NYI 6-3, Tor beats Minn 4-3 in OT, Wpg beats Det 7-4, Vanc beats NYI 6-4
  17. Minnesota beats Toronto 2-1 in overtime in a classic defensive game, Minnesota goalie makes an amazing save in traffic at end of reg. Winnipeg beats Det 7-3.
  18. Labs, my health is poor, I cannot play competitive video games more than 1 day in a row, without getting much more ill. I played many games yesterday, and I have to take a break for at least a couple days. I can log on again Tuesday night and see if you are able to play again or not, but this has not worked over the last two weeks. I suggest you give me a time we can play Tuesday night, and stick to that.
  19. Both goalies are really bad. Sometimes I will just switch goalies everytime a goal is scored, when the opposing team gets over 5 or 6 goals. Thats okay, bad goalie = more highlights!
  20. The worst goalie of all time is back. A nice highlight vs LA, allows a slap shot from the blue line! Not in front of it, but the LA player was on the blue line!
  21. With the dynasty rule in place, it looked to me like it would be a revolving door of Penguins and Rangers winning the title, but Jay's Canadiens are playing really good. To me, Montreal was always like a poor mans version of Chicago. Chicago has done some things in the regular season and playoffs, but nobody could ever win in the playoffs with Montreal. If the current coaches/teams stay this way, it could still be a Penguins and Rangers champion every two seasons, but it looks like Montreal at the very least has a good chance to play in the finals, if not more.
  22. Labs, I should be around tonight or the weekend if you want to play our farm games, and we can maybe play ahead our other games.
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