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  1. Labs, we missed each other for our farm games this week, i know you were at a pens game one night. I am a little run down, gonna rest a lot for a few days, and hopefully i should be back online late in the week. Can't wait for Vancouver at Quebec!
  2. Boston and Hartford split their 4 game series, Hartford winning games 1 and 3. Boston was dropping long bomb goals on the sorry Hartford goalie all night long, it was so bad. I will post a couple of youtube videos of them in the forum
  3. OMG, the worst goalie of all time. I think Quebec goalie may be the worst, but cannot remember, been so long. Anything teams throw at this goalie goes in the net, but Lupz and Boston discovered this in game 2, and launched a few ridiculously long shots, that about 4 of 6 went in. Here are a couple.
  4. Website is looking good! The future of NHL92 is bright!
  5. Week 1 action, Montreal beats up Hartford in all 4 games.
  6. AngryJay when is a good time to play Hart vs Montreal?? Labs, when is a good time for our week 1 farm games?
  7. In Week 6 action, Hartford won 3 out of 4 vs Phil, Phil fought back and won game 4.
  8. In farm Week 2 action, Jeff vs Brutus, Toronto beat Chic 5-4, in a come from behind win, NJ beat Wpg 5-3, and SJ edged Vanc in an exciting game of boring teams.
  9. Every shot Calgary took went in vs Hartford. Now I remember how bad Hartford is. The goalie will give you heartburn every game. Jer and Hartford easily swept this series. Hartford would make it close, then the Hartford goalie would take 2 or 3 minutes off, allowing a barage of goals to go in. It will be interesting to see how Calgary does. gg jer G 1-4 : Cal 7 Har 2, Cal 7 Har 4, Cal 8 Har 4, Cal 6 Har 4
  10. New season, more new NHL92 coaches. All coaches played tough hockey last season, and as newer coaches learn to play better defense, which is an important part of NHL92, the standings will bunch closer together. Here are projections of the final regular season standings. Playoff predictions will be posted later. #01 NY Rangers 28-8-0 NYR AND KingRaph are favorites to win the regular season title and cup finals. #02 Pitt (SC2) 24-11-2 Second place will come down to the better coach between Pitt(SC2), and Boston #03 Boston 24-11-2 If Lupz27 can learn to dominate the league early with his talent stacked team (before Labs66 figures out Pitt(SC2)), then he may be #02 #04 LA 19-17 Skeletor plays solid hockey, with a solid team. You don't have to be the best team to win a cup in NHL92. If he can draw favorable playoff matchups, LA has a chance to play in the finals. #05 Edmonton 18-17-1 Coach Mac continues to improve each season, dating back to 2013. If his improvement continues at it's current rate, he could challenge as high as #03 #06 Hartford 17-17-2 Hartford has enough speed and scoring to make Raph and Labs66 cry on a rainy day. #07 Calgary 14-21-1 Calgary has lots of depth, but does not have one player that dominates the game. If coached well, Jer33 could slip into the top 6 and avoid the lower 4 group of death. #08 St Louis 11-25 Darko and St Louis play tough hockey, but don't always win. St Louis could challenge Calgary for #07, or could be near the bottom if they don't keep improving. #09 Montreal 12-24 Paper Tigers. If AngryJay93 can learn to play solid defense, he may have a chance to make some noise in the quarterfinals. #10 Philadelphia 8-24 Brutus will need to replace several game controllers before his season with Philadelphia ends.
  11. Mac can you add my deadmeowNHL name (deadmeownhl@aim.com) to the Major and Farm league groups. deadmeowSega is still my main AIM name, but sometimes it gives me issues (using pidgin), so I want to have both names in the aim chat groups. thanks
  12. pls edit goalies where backup is better, thks
  13. Caps and Blackhawks are gonna dominate, those coaches are lucky those teams squeaked through the big league draft.
  14. Mac on the clock with many choices: bad team really bad team
  15. Isles have one very good shooter, was hard to pass them up. Sakic is a good shooter, but he may as well play goalie, as he will never get close to the net.
  16. Mac if can swap my wings on my 3 teams, that is all I need.
  17. The bottom of the barrel taste yucky, so Vancouver is the least yucky btw Joe Sakic says to tell Labs hello.
  18. A power team fell into farm league. Chicago could win the farm league, but not if they cross the path of my pick , Toronto!
  19. Dropping the Leafs, and picking up the Whalers! That is a big upgrade! Can you swap my wings too please.
  20. I am looking over other teams to choose from. Have not decided which team to use yet..... Trying to find a crummy team that I can make a finals run with, or at least not get swept with in the 1st round
  21. I might drop Toronto for a different bad team...
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