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  1. Labs congratulations on your Pittsburgh championship, and your new job as coach of the Nordiques!
  2. The Oilers had some tough and improved defense I was not ready for. I could not get anywhere near the goal to shoot the puck with my players.
  3. When I get a chance, I am going to put a stat page up on my site, with all of the stats posted in the forums from both of the leagues, that is easier to navigate. As you can see, all the teams have some history, except for Quebec. Another thing you will notice is that Pitt and NYR have the best playoff winning percentages, and these two teams met for the first cup ever, and the most recent one.
  4. NHL HOCKEY(92) PLAYOFF WINS 1991-2015 OLD NHL & MAC NHL LEAGUES # PLAYOFF WINS PIT 62-23 CAL 37-22 BOS 28-17 EDM 25-19 NYR 23-13 TOR 21-29 HAR 14-15 CHI 11-21 WAS 10-16 DET 7-8 MIN 6-14 LA 5-10 STL 4-14 NYI 4-7 SJ 3-10 MON 2-6 WPG 2-3 PHI 1-3 BUF 0-6 VAN 0-4 NJ 0-3 QUE 0-0 WIN % PIT 62-23 .729 NYR 23-13 .638 CAL 37-22 .627 BOS 28-17 .622 EDM 25-19 .568 HAR 14-15 .482 DET 7-8 .466 TOR 21-29 .420 WPG 2-3 .400 WAS 10-16 .384 NYI 4-7 .363 CHI 11-21 .343 LA 5-10 .333 MIN 6-14 .300 MON 2-6 .250 PHI 1-3 .250 SJ 3-10 .230 STL 4-14 .222 BUF 0-6 .000 VAN 0-4 .000 NJ 0-3 .000 QUE 0-0 NA RAW NUMBERS, EACH PLAYOFF YEAR ADDED UP (X-X)=MAC LEAGUE PIT 15-5, 4-2, 8-7, 8-1, 9-5, 8-2, (10-1) BOS 1-4, 15-3, 1-4, 7-5, 4-1 () EDM 10-4, 4-2, 2-3, 4-4, 2-3 (3-3) NYR 11-5, 1-4, (7-4) LA 0-4, 2-3, (3-3) CHI 7-4, 2-4, 2-3, 0-4, 0-3 (0-3) CAL 0-3, 4-1, 10-6, 15-8, 9-4 () STL 2-3, 2-4, 0-4 (0-3) WAS 0-4, 2-3, 4-5, 4-4 () MON 0-3, 2-3 () MIN 1-4, 2-3, 3-4, (0-3) HAR 4-6, 10-9, () WPG 2-3, () BUF 0-3, 0-3 () TOR 2-4, 11-9, 4-4, 1-3, 4-6 (0-3) DET 3-4, 4-4 () VAN 0-4 () NYI 0-3, 4-4 () NJ 0-3 () PHI 1-3 () SJ 0-4, 3-6 QUE ()
  5. Very good info. All this information would make a new person looking to pick a team go crazy, haha. Good job!
  6. While we are waiting for the NHL92 2015 Winter Finals video to be uploaded, and for Mac to finish his objective, stat based rankings, I will post my list of subjective team rankings. I have not put this on my website yet, so I will paste it here. This is based on my experience of using these teams or playing against them, as well as past overall performance of 7 seasons, 8 including Mac's new league. Our first 5 seasons (including two in the 1990's) were all played with the standard SC1 line, the last two seasons (2006, 2013) were played with user edited lines. You can see full NHL92 league scores, standings, and results by clicking the link in my signature below. ------------------------- TOP 8 POWER TEAMSMID RANGE 4 TEAMSLOWER 10 BAD TEAMSThe Power 8 are divided into 2, based on toughness, each team scores well.MID RANGE TEAMS can make upsets happen, no real title chanceBAD TEAMS are fun to use if you don't mind losingTOP 8 POWER TEAMS --------TOP ELITE#01 PITT (high toughness and scoring)#02 BOST (high toughness and scoring)~03 EDM (high toughness and scoring)~04 NYR (can play tough, and score)--------VERY GOOD ~05 LA (good team with short history, good scoring, medium toughness)~06 CHIC (speed and shooting, although not tough)~07 CALG (improves much with edited lines, decent scoring, medium toughness)#08 STL (Can win with the right person, not tough)--------MID RANGE TEAMS --------#09 WASH (consistent winners, but will never get to finals)#10 MONT (paper tigers)#11 MINN (not a bad team, but will never win a cup)~12 HART (HART jumps up to a mid range with edited lines)--------BAD TEAMS ---------#13 WPG (can beat bad teams)#14 BUF (can beat bad teams)~15 TOR (can beat bad teams)~16 DET (can score against low toughness teams)--------worse teams#17 VAN (slow, you wil die from boredom)~18 NYI ~19 NJ ~20 PHI ~21 SJ (slow but agile, can only hit the post at close range)#22 QUE (super slow, team has some shooting ability if they can get near net)-------# = solid ranking~ = approxmiate ranking, could flip floptoughness = checking, resistance to getting checked
  7. If you guys are recording the series, please post a link with the recordings, without spoilers to the games/series winners. This would be fun to watch the best two teams in the league go at it. Maybe it would be good to post the game-recording links in a different thread.
  8. When do the Kings and Rangers play? I want to get the popcorn ready, haha. Rangers are unstoppable. The only team to sweep my humble Maple Leafs were the Rangers. I have faced the Rangers many times over the years, but never faced someone that could coach them as good as Raph. Don't feel bad Mac, I was sure my Leafs were going to at worst lose in 5 to the Oilers, and look what happened!
  9. Have we had any OT games in the playoffs yet? So far we have only had vanilla series, with the sweeps in each series. The most exciting thing is an OT game in the final game of a playoff series.
  10. Getting down to the nitty gritty. Watch out for Mac, he has improved. Will be very exciting to see some nail biting series. Lets have some game fives in these series.
  11. Mac & the Oilers have continued to improve greatly. The first two games were tough fought matches, and the Leafs just could not get a lead. Game 3, Toronto took a 3-1 lead early, but just couldn't hold it, as the Oilers have too much fire power, and the Leafs just can't get near the net without being forced to eat snow cones all day. I think in most or all of the games, my shots were in the single digits, I just didn't have many chances to shoot the puck due to the Edmonton defense. I think if the Oilers and Penguins play, this could be a great series. Also, it would be nice to see if LA can give the NY Rangers a scare in the next round, assuming they get past Chicago. The talent level is very good in this league. I think NHL94 players learn the ropes of NHL92 very quickly. Thanks to everyone for working hard to play their games on time, and to Mac for holding a very fun league!
  12. Leafs are preparing for the playoffs as we speak. If you can't check them, then you hold them!
  13. Pitt is so hard to beat, they have so much talent. When Pitt gets around the net, they are like hungry sharks. Pitt usually does not miss or hit post, usually all close shots go right in, and if there is a rebound, they will pick it right back up, and keep attacking the goalie, until they drop one in.
  14. Monday at 11pm eastern should be okay for Toronto - Edmonton
  15. The Leafs are tuned up for the playoffs. The Oilers got a hold of the Leafs at the start of the season and got the first three wins in the series, before Toronto got back into regular season mode. In my NHL92 League, we have had two Toronto vs Edmonton(Tony) playoff series, in 2003, and 2005. The 2003 series was a close one, with Toronto losing 4-2 in best of 7. Toronto shutout Edmonton in both of their wins. It will be interesting to see which team has improved the most, since early in the season, between Edmonton and Toronto. If Toronto can get to the second round, it will be tough with NYR and Pitt waiting. However Toronto nearly split the season series with Pitt, while NYR skated so fast, I never got a chance to hold them!
  16. LA wins season series vs Toronto 3-1. Game 1 LA squeaked by 3-2, Game 2 LA won 4-3 in OT, Game 3 Toronto won 3-2, and LA outscored Toronto 7-4 in game 4. Very close series.
  17. LA wins season series vs Toronto 3-1. Game 1 LA squeaked by 3-2, Game 2 LA won 4-3 in OT, Game 3 Toronto won 3-2, and LA outscored Toronto 7-4 in game 4. Very close series.
  18. Me and Darko were playing our Mac NHL92 league games today. We tried a few weeks ago, but bad lag, as I am in North America and he is in Europe. This time we used the smoothing option in Kaillera Host options, and set smoothing to "always". And we both hosted like this and the lag was gone, and there did not seem to be increased latency in the game. Does anyone have any knowledge about this or have used this before to reduce lag??
  19. Toronto and St Louis finished their series. Toronto won the first game weeks ago, now the series concluded. Toronto won game 2 by a score of 5-4. Game 3 saw Toronto fall behind 3-0, but they rallied to win 5-4 in OT. St Louis took a 3-0 lead in game 4, and won 3-1. Overall St Louis is improving, maybe they can give Pitt or NYR some headaches in the first round of the playoffs.
  20. Toronto has an important series with LA if they want to get the #3 spot, to pass LA and Edm. The playoff series between teams 3 through 6 will be exciting matchups. Toronto always plays Chicago well, and wants to get revenge on Edmonton. So we will see how things finsh up here.
  21. Darko, what hours local time in France are good for you. I cannot keep a regular sleep schedule so I am awake or sleeping at different times.
  22. Toronto and Pitt met up for their 4 game series. Game 1 saw Mario tie it up at 2, with 25 seconds remaining, and the teams played to a 2-2 tie in OT. Game 2, Toronto nearly won in the final 30 secs with a good shot, but hit the post. Pitt won game 2-1 in OT. Games 3 and 4 were close until the 3rd period until Pitt pulled away.
  23. Toronto and St Louis managed to get in 1 game before lag put a stop to game 2.
  24. Toronto roughed up Minnesota the first couple games, then Minnesota started playing tough, but fell short the last two games.
  25. I don't want to play Pitt or NYR in first round, and then I will be happy
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