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  1. Hi there. I recently moved the site, we are still around. http://www.geocities.com/madden91sports/ I am considering doing a updated NHL'92 league (2006 teams). And the yearly NHL'92 League will begin early 2007
  2. Has anyone been able to play this game successfuly with Gens? Everytime I have tried, the game de-syncs. I have played NHL'95 on SNES netplay okay, but never on Gens.
  3. Yes, we just finished a league 3 weeks ago. Oh yeah, the one you were just recently asking to join ... "NHL 92 fan here Reliable/low ping/cable connection/been in leagues before lemme know when youre starting up the 92 season again, love to join! This is my fav game!"
  4. I am starting an NHL'94 bad guy league. You must have killed at 6 people or more in your lifetime or at least gotten 2 D's or more on a report card. Among the 2006 invitation list: Adolf Hitler - Ok he is in the top 3 of bad guys, and Austrians are good at hockey. Stalin - Like Hitler he is dead, but at least his body is preserved, wait no that is Lenin. George Bush Jr - He brought a new form of democracy to Iraq in which 60 people a day die. Bad guy for sure. Genghis Khan - Ruthless and brutal. Tony Blair - A croney of George Bush, not as bad, but just as stupid for following Bush on his moron mission for pretend WMD. Ariel Sharon - accused of war crimes in the West Bank and Lebanon, but now on life support. Osama Bin Laden - I am sure he hauls a Sega Genesis around with that dialysis machine of his. Bill O'Reilly - When he's not talking dirty on the phone, he is playing with his Genesis (or something else maybe). Geraldo Rivera - Phoney like Bill O'Rielly, but at least he is entertaining. Rush Limbaugh - Maybe those viagra will help his NHL'94 game. Ann Coulter - Hot looking Nazi chick, who cares if she can play NHL'94 Jerry Springer - his audiences have a combined IQ of 1, but can he play NHL'94? Charles Manson - Can't you see Manson and Springer playing in teammate mode? "Great shot Charlie!" Brian Gumbell - Can't you imagine Manson and Gumbell arguing about who is going to be the "home and away" team Ted Bundy - Okay so the electric chain may have slowed his NHL'94 reflexes, so what. Mariah Carey - the latest no talent pop star I could care less about on my Yahoo homepage, is she NHL'94 material?? We have a contract from the Outdoorlife Network, games will be shown tape delay right after the highly rated Eskimo Ice fishing show.
  5. EA messes everything up, just look at Madden.
  6. I rather play for the trophy that has the secret prize in it :)
  7. "Cheap" is complaining about a shot that is very simple to stop with manual goalie.
  8. The 2006 NHL'92 season has entered the playoffs. Once this league finishes we will be going into the 2006 NHL'93 league, followed by the 2006 NHL'94 season, and most likely into NHL'95. The NHL'93 page and NHL'94 page are so way behind and have not been updated for quite some time. My health has not permitted me to keep up with the website or hacking football roms like I would like to, but things will move forward one way or another. You can access the sports forums at the Classic Genesis Sports website at madden91.com and nhl92.com for more information.
  9. deadmeow

    favorite team

    In our first NHL'93 league, I had Vancouver, Quebec, Pitt, and Calgary, and destroyed everybody. Vancouver was the best team of the bunch, and my favorite in NHL'93, with Quebec being my 2nd favorite team in NHL'93. I used to terrorize people with Trevor Linden and Owen Nolan. Mack can tell you horror stories about Mister Linden
  10. We played the game for about 30 seconds and promptly returned it for a refund.
  11. I miss the old days of IRC, before instant messaging. There was only 1 IRC network 10 years ago. I used to connect to IRC through a shell account on my old Apple IIgs Now I use Trillian to connect to IRC. For those of you who don't know, Trillian has AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and IRC all in one tiny package. http://www.trillian.cc
  12. Oh yes I agree, NHL'94 with no fighting is soooooo superior! hahahaha. 90% of fights don't start, unless you purposely start them yourself. NHL'94 is the best of the original 3 games, but also has the least personality of the early 3 NHL games. Head to head on a regular Sega Genesis on a television (with no lag of course), NHL'94 is probably my favorite, but as far as netplay, I have more fun with NHL'92. As far as graphics and music, I think NHL'93 is the best looking in the entire series. And as far as fighting, I like it. I like NHL'92 fights. We have many league games with no fights in a single game, and occasionly have games with more than 5 fights.
  13. Here is a link to a post I just put up on my forums. Tips for low ping netplay, and steps to take, and descriptions and links to Startup Control Panel, and Startup Montior. http://gensports.proboards23.com/index.cgi...read=1143249934
  14. That is my favorite goal, and it is bread and butter in NHL'92 which has no manual goalie. Basically it comes down to defense, checking, holding, stealing the puck, or in NHL'94 just moving your goalie a quarter of an inch. Anyone who doens't try to stop it is lazy, and deserves to have 10 of these scored on them per game. The only cheap shot I think, is the "cheese fake", or triple deke. I think that is the cheapest shot of all, but for better or worse it is part of the game. Manual goal tending is part of NHL'94. If you don't have decent manual goalie skills, you will not fare well in any serious league.
  15. NHL'92 is starting now. we are playing with stacked lines this season. Since you can't manually edit your lines, and NOSE makes is a peice of cake to edit lines, we are allowing coaches to stack/edit their best line for games. There are no line changes during game, so you have your best line the entire game, which will make things more interesting this season. If interested, post on the NHL'92 forum, http://gensports.proboards23.com/index.cgi?board=nhl92 or drop an email to classicgenesissports@yahoo.com Jeff
  16. Actually you did receive a reply. Your application was incomplete. You replied, but refused to send the missing information. You are always welcome to play next season with a complete application. Jeff
  17. I saw those snap shots of editing with tile molester and got all excited and installed java etc.., and downloaded tile molester and the bloody little thing won't run. Tried running it from msdos prompt and such. Why do they make things so difficult to use?
  18. There is no comparison. Genesis has superior sports games to SNES. The only exception that occurs is in basketball. However, NHL'94 and NHL'95 are still fun to play on SNES. I would take SNES NHL'94 over any new generation of hockey games that have been shoved down our throat this century.
  19. Thats funny, hex-editing withdrawl. I only hack Madden, so I won't be going through withdrawl anytime soon Though I can't wait to transfer the NHL'93 rosters onto NHL'92. I hate those NHL'93 goalies with a passion!
  20. The NHL'94 draft has begun via the http://nhl92.com message forums. You will find instructions on how to post your pick. League play is starting on Weds, please visit the website for full instructions Jeff
  21. BTW, there is a SNES NHL'94 editor out there. I remember getting all excited when I found it a few years ago, till I realized it was only a SNES NHL'94 editor Jeff
  22. In my opinion NHL'93 has the best music, and intro and graphics of them all. Too bad they ruined the game with those crap goalies. A good analogy would be the Atari 5200, a good video game system with the worst joystick ever designed. If we could import NHL'94 goalies with manual goalie into NHL'93, that would be something!
  23. I have been toying around with the idea of having seperate Genesis & SNES NHL'94 leagues, with the 2 winners playing for the overall NHL'94 title. As fun as SNES NHL'94 is, nothing beats the Genesis version.
  24. That is very interesting. I just checked out the website. As for kaillera, the master server has been down, but there are still many servers up. If you have used kaillera lately, just go to your recent server list, and you should be able to connect to many of the previous servers.
  25. I think that is great to be able to transfer roster from rom to rom so easy. One of the best features of NHL'92 is that it plays the best over the internet even with high ping rates. I always wanted to NHL'92-anize NHL'93. After years of hacking EA football roms, I hesitated at taking on more work by hacking NHL roms, this will make life much easier. Thank you for putting your time into such a valuable too for us all. Jeff
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