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  1. Thanks Evan,

    I could really use some help. It is difficult maintaining my website, leagues, and hacking. The only NHL'94 rom I have used for league play has always been the original Genesis rom. We had one season in 1999 I think it was, where we used the SNES rom with modem play via MSDOS ZSnes.

    When I have a chance to update the NHL'94 page, I am going to have links to all the previous years of the league, (most of which fizzled out and died like a dried up mud puddle of tadpoles).

    What it comes down to is keeping the league small with just people who make an effort to get their games in. If you are too nice to people, nobody plays their games. Everyone is invited including new and old members, even those with notorious track records ;) I don't hold any grudges, but I am sure if we have more than 4 people, I will be forced to downsize sooner or later without a doubt.

    As far as rules, in 2002 we had line changes with no offsides, 10 min periods. In 2004 we had no line changes, no offsides, and 5 min periods. That is what I plan to do for 2005.


    Hey Jeff,

    I would be interested in playing in the '94 league.  I would also be interested in helping organize and maintain it.  What bin file and rules do you usually play with?


  2. I was considering dropping all the other NHL games including NHL'94 from the website, and sticking with just NHL'92, but after further consideration, there will be an NHL'94 season for 2005.

    The NHL'94 season will start in roughly 8 weeks or so for any of you guys interested. If anyone wants into the 2005 NHL'92 season, stop by the website and register asap.

    Either way, feel free to stop by and post some NHL'94 smack on the message boards.



  3. In our 2002 online league, we had two conferences, a 10 minute conference, and a 5 minute period conference. In reality 5 minute periods works better. The simpler the league, the better the chance of successful completing it.

    The 2002 league fell apart, mainly because it had too many people who didn't care. It only takes one or two laggers who don't play their games to make everyone lose motivation. So what started out as a big league, dwindled down to probably to less than half the size at the end. In the end the 2002 season had to be canceled, but the league did return last year, and we successfuly completed a season.

    Currently I formulating plans for the 2005 NHL'94 season. I am also considering leagues in some of the other NHL titles as well, besides NHL'92 and NHL'94.

  4. I wouldn't worry about EA Sports. Its all about profit. Fancy, gimmick filled games are what you are going to get. As the years go by, younger people become older people, who in turn become nostalgic pushes older games back into the mainstream (such at Atari, PacMan, the NHL'95/Madden95 mini tv games). But I don't expect anyone at any company to devote much thought or creativity to a new NHL'94 release or update.

    As far as I am concerned it is not an issue. We can edit, and hack new teams into the rom, and play it online. :)

  5. I have found a formula that I have found to be true with leagues. The best chance of success is to either have a Large number of owners/teams with a short schedule, or small number of owners/teams with a larger schedule.

    After a small, but sucessful 2004 NHL'94 season, there will be a 2005 season. In 2002 we had a mammoth league, which did a mammoth crash. Currently I am revamping the Classic Genesis Sports site which has just recently moved to Madden91.com

    Madden91 and & NHL'94 are games which have no equal. I can't even play more than one game of NHL 2K'5 on Xbox live at a tiem, when NHL'94 over the PC is sooo much better.

    NHL'92 is also going to return this year as well.


  6. Hello all, its been a while since I have been online.

    I have moved a couple times over the last 6 months, after graduating school. I just recently passed my state boards, and working steady now, and I finally got settled in somewhere, and hooked back up to the internet.

    This is by far the best NHL'94 site. Anyway I just wanted to say hello..... It feels so good to be back online!


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