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  1. Actaully yo just spoke greek to me.....but i rember seeing thos commands in the trace, but didn't know what was what...i'll compare to see, this may be the break i need...if it is, then you will get ample much for wboy. You are turning into the guru i was looking for, much thanks.
  2. I was bable to trace the logo, but it still isn't showing me the way it knows that is what logo goes with that team slot.....I'll keep hacking away.
  3. Do we know of anyone else with the graphics knowledge?
  4. I have successfully hacked and reorganized all team pointers for Tjans Coach K editor, only thing i am missing is how the RoM grabs the logos and pallettes for each team...It has to be tied to assembly, plus still looking for the sim value of teams as well. Maybe they are all tied to one headder. The header i found does not have these included. Please help WBOY....i was told you were the one who expanded the NHL Roms, hope you might have a lead or 2, as much of my hack was based on docs for hacking the NHL games.
  5. Spread the word....wnat to try online asap.
  6. I need to be able to find the trace of which logo is assigned to each spot. Would this work in a similiar way. I was bale totrace the clock in Coach K, but ohw can i read the graphics assembly, or is that a pipe(Crack Pipe?!) dream?
  7. Know this is a Hockey site, but the years 1993-1994 produced some of EA's biggest sports titles on Genesis. Ther are no Coach K sites, but me and a fellow hacker have worked on Coach K....Only thing left to for a complete roster overhaul, but i did swap out old rosters to get the current teams to kinda match those from 1994. Would love for some online 16 bit basketball game out there....tough D. Here is a link if interested.
  8. You'll love this tool. I have used 3 others, his one is the closest to working with MS Paint..Always keep to windows open, One for drawing then move them over, just make sure you have the same pallette colors on ech. Save when you fell like you might be working on something that could screw it up, so you can always reload your last good oint, and there is an undo button. HJave fun.
  9. Best way to look at it is like this divided true value-hex value for genesis 0-1.86=x0 1.87-3.75=x2 3.76-5.62=x4 5.63-7.49=x6 7.50-9.36=x8 9.37-11.23=xA 11.24-13.11=xC 13.12-15=xE
  10. The math is off Slightly, xE is actually a value of 15(x0 is counted), making a clean convert of 1/17th actual value. right, so to convert, it is BGR, reverse of the Norm. So you need to reverse the order of RGB, then divide each value by 15.(bright yellow for example is R-255,G-255,B-0) so reverse that you have 0/17,255/17,255/17= 0,15,15=in hec 0EE, add the first default x0 and you get 00EE for yellow. Gold is R-204,g-172,b-98, reversed is 98/17,172/17,204/17=4.6,10.1,13.7=rounded to nearest odd value5,11,13 the hex values would be hex-6,A,C, so Gensis color hex would be 06AC. Hope that helps
  11. I just checked, what you see in hive is the actual hex. Gold is 04 8A in hive, opened up to the same location in hex editor, and the code read " 04 8A". Looks like the first part of byte 1 is always "0". The rest use evens. 0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E. Remeber, i have not seen genesis flip any bytes.
  12. Above you write you helped expand the the 93 rom. Was it for genesis. If so maybe you can help me. I can't find how the rom points to/assigns palletes and logo to each team on Coahc K basketball. I have a 85% edit done fo rthis year. Team info is done. I rewrote all the pointers and regrouped everything for a fellow Tecmo Hacker to create an editor for. He is almost done. I can edit unies through HivePaellte, and editing logos trough tile molestor, but the greats teams share a bunch of info with the normal counterpart, and would like to redirect those teams to an empty part of the ROM. I have been hacking for over a year(Working on a TSB3 Ncaa edit for SNES with my brother. Already have a 80percent hack, now just redisigning plays for a more college feel). Any help in the Coahc K issue would be aprreciated. It was done by EA, so i am hoping they use the same prgramming techniques.
  13. Okay i can edit logs thanks to tile molestor, but still can't figurehow they are assigned to the teams as well as the color palletes. Only issue i am going to have is in team select, as the champ teams share with there normal counterparts, but in gameplay it uses a different logo. The logo assignment is my main priority as colrs palletes are being worked around without a problem. Just would like to add 7 more logos for those 7 teams(NC State doesn't have a normal team, but still had 2 logos...weird.) Hopefull finished by next week.
  14. Hey guys, i have everything figured out. There were a couple of cool editors out there. The colors are 0000-0EEE based. IU am using hive pallete finder. Awesome tool. Problem is how the colrs are assigned to each team. I can't find pointers to the palletes. Not that big of deal , though, i have found a nice work around, and was able to get like 30 of the 32 second round teams from this year on there. Added a couple of teams as well, UNC and UCONN. Anyways apprecieate the help, am running through checks now before i hand this off to TECMOTURD(forgot what he uses on here)....he is doing the editor. I have relocated everything into groups and gave each team the exact same amount of space for everything, took like three days to rewirte every pointer for team info...didn't mess with other areas, just used available space. ould love to figure out 2 things though, on some of the Lgos are offset weird when i open them in tile pro, and how teams get there colrs assigned, because i could use the extra space to give all 40 teams there own color palletes. Thanks again for letting me post on this site , figured the EA boards would help.
  15. Coach K . Hey guys. Yeah i found the pointers. I found the Checksum desable from the EA tread on here. It worked perfectly. I am not that versed in programmer, i'm a trial and error type. I do know that the pointers at 000CF56C are to the team starting point, but if you switch tehm, only data changes, the color is hard coded to that pteam if i swap duke with arkansas, they get arkansass logo, and red unies. The DATA is just placed in that spot. I am working on getting my info straight before passing on to an editor creator. Also, i have broken down the bytes on players. Thefirst 5 are info....number,Postion,height(player sprite grows with the special assigning needed if you make a guy grow 1 foot(,weight,class...the next 2bytes dictate skin color, then head. bytes 9-44 are previous season data (i have formula), followed by an unknown byte, then 15bytes of ratings, then 8 bytes idon't know. I know the FF ends the line. PS you can add DATA to the open space on the ROM, and send the pointer there to get it. Did it to fit Marquette in Missouri's spot. City Milwaukee wouldn't fit. Worked perfectly. And the teams don't always end with 00 FF. I have seen them end with just the 00 then the first player. Think the FF are just fillers, have over wrote them with no problems. I used HivePal by HiveBrain to find palletes, the Genesis uses less colrs than the SNES.....16 palletes, but only 512. onSNES 7fff is white, on genesis 0EEE is white. Actually a pretty handy tool as it can browse for good pallett codes. That's how i found the pallets, that and a debug with the GENS emulator. I do want to try and see if i move the team Pointers together, then the team info, then all the players. Like TSB is set up. Don't know if that'll work, but if it does, then that should help make each teams info area on ROM equal, making editing easier.