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  1. Being lurking here for a few years. Finally set myself up to play online. Looking for games. Feel free to add me to your AIM
  2. Habs: Thanks for pointing the usernames out for me... I realize this guy is trolling but sometimes its fun to play with the trolls. And I completely agree about comparing the NFL and CFL being pointless. I'm not even a big Football guy but I can enjoy watching both games and what each offers. Russian Rocket: I'll try sticking my head up my ass and see if that helps me see your argument better. Look, you don't like the CFL thats fine. I was merely pointing out that the monster ratings that TSN draws for CFL games leads me to believe that most Canadian football fans don't find the CFL boring.
  3. Russian Rocket: To each their own, but the league (outside of Toronto, that is) is going through quite the renaissance at the moment. There's a lot of Canadians who disagree with your assessment as boring CFL games outdraw Monday Night Football on TSN. Maybe you didn't get that memo. Deadmeow: That is simply awesome... Playing the '92 version.... Love the 3 Down ball! I don't have much interest in the US teams as I think like most Canadians (and most Americans for that matter) have pushed that era out of our minds. I would love a game with updated rosters and filled up with classic teams but
  4. Does anybody know of an edit to some of the Madden Genesis games with CFL teams and rosters? Searched the web and couldn't find anything. Seems like a cool project.
  5. I still feel that it is a missed opportunity on EA's part. Their NHL franchise's complete lack of presence on the Wii is disappointing (especially since I'm a Wii owner) and with the popularity of the retro Mario game it really got me thinking that EA should explore the possibilities of revisiting their gem of a game from some 17 years ago. This community is proof that this game still has some legs and it could fill the void on the Wii and possibly the DS with just some minor tweaking (Season mode, online play) and make EA some money in the process instead of just sitting in their archive. The