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  1. do we know what file type the sounds are? If it's a common file type, most audio editing programs could do it. I could record his "scoregasm" off the television, save it as that file type, and then the question is just getting it into the code. Sounds like it's not a very popular idea, though!!
  2. Thanks so much for doing this. I realize it's a lot of work. I'm a Ranger fan who watches most games and frequents blueshirtbanter, so I just have to say this: Girardi and Staal are way overrated. ....both should be 3 speed and 3 agility, and Girardi's checking is a 4 at best. The current ratings would be accurate 3, maybe 2 years ago, not anymore. Dylan McIlrath has outplayed both of them this year (and should never be scratched for either of them but AV also plays Tanner Glass every game ). When I see how high Girardi was drafted in the Velocity league based on these ratings, it cra
  3. I used to play with offsides but realized it really doesn't add anything to the game and just creates tons of whistles as guys off the screen stupidly hang just over the line. Computer controlled players already play as if offsides is on, so goal hanging isn't an issue. The only issue is if you take the puck out of the zone and then go right back in, but aren't the zones too small anyway? I always play with auto line changes so you have to use your whole team. With line changes on, you basically can get away with using only 2 lines. With auto, you checking line will always be in during the
  4. I don't know, maybe some guys like the way the game plays that way and wanted some of that "small guy" dominance back. I personally think that having clear paths to the net constantly is just as unrealistic..and requires less creativity in scoring..then having Shea Weber catch Tyler Seguin from behind. The only reason he got beat in the first place is that he took a terrible angle to the puck because the computer is dumb. Those same guys probably also love Pavel Bure and the weight bug, where as I think it's the absolute worst thing about the original NHL94 that the saviors on this sit
  5. This is brilliant work...time to get the boys together for a "94-16" night..wings, beer, and my laptop, an HDMI cable to the TV, with an adaptor for PS2 controllers. 20 years later this game still rules, and these updates will make it playable forever. I wouldn't change anything except maybe go with the 15 scale ratings, but that's not a big deal as you still have many usable players on each team.. I'd gladly send you a few bucks for a trade deadline update. Now I just need to get my kids playing!
  6. Looks cool, nice work. I have to say, the speed burst reductions are a fun killer. It basically turns the game back more towards the original weight bug nonsense where big guys are pretty much useless. Your defensemen are going to get toasted and every pass up the ice turns into a breakaway. I wouldn't mind the reduced speed burst if you could still check and slow defensemen didn't play such stupid angles. I'm ok with a reduction to 19 or maybe 18 (the original is 20 multiplier I believe in that hex) along with a ratings scale of 15 where there is less drastic difference in speed ratings,
  7. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for creating this. I miss clockwise's updates, but this lessens the hurt. It's great to see someone is still doing this. I did find that overall the ratings are too heavy in favor of shot power. I did a roster dump to excel, find and replace, and bumped everyone down by 1 pt, except Weber and Chara, and I bumped their accuracy down 1 each to offset. I find the game plays better now, not as easy to just stop between the dots and blow slapshots by the goalies. I also made some changes to my favorite team the Rangers, namely boosting Krieders speed (he's a 4 in
  8. I'm really into player ratings and I know some teams pretty well (NYR, NJD), but I don't agree with your methodology completely. I think a goal scorer should score goals, a set up man should be able to pass the puck, and a defensive player should be able to check people or at least be able to maneuver to check people. +/- is more a representation of a bad defensive system or poor motivation/coaching than individual players what you do in a case like that is lower the overall rating of the team as opposed to trying to emulate +/- rating. For instance if you put Marian Gabori
  9. The fact that he's a rookie and isn't completely dominating the league, you probably should leave it at 85 to reflect his true impact on the ice. He's as fast or faster skater than Gaborik in reality...but Gaborik is Gaborik and Hagelin is a rookie with 12 goals in 50 games. Just looking at your Rangers ratings, there are some things that seem a bit strange. You have Hagelin and Gaboriks defensive awareness ratings higher than Ryan Callahans. Mike Rupp With 100 shot accuracy? John Scott with 100 shot power? He's scored 1 goal in 3 years.
  10. I should have specified, pulling attributes from hacked roms. The originals are (almost?) identical to GENS I believe, but thanks though!!
  11. To pull player attributes into a spreadsheet? I searched and found one for GENS but not for SNES.
  12. He seemed to say that it was pronounced in NHL97, but no so much in 94. I'm going to do a bit more testing, but it's leading me to believe that when it comes to a user controlled team, offensive awareness may be the least important attribute.
  13. I just took a Rom in SNES, made all the players on the ice off awr=0, all of the def awr 100. Anaheim's top 5 players. Played a game with both sides being ANH. you'd think nobody'd be going to the net. Not the case. It seems like players behave identically in the offensive zone regardless of this setting. Then I did the reverse with defensive awareness. Here it seemed like players tended to skate around in corners in the defensive zone instead of staying in front of the net due to the low setting. Anyone have a different take on this? It seems like the OFF awareness rating is almost i
  14. Sorry, new to that aspect. You enable it in your emulator and then what?