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  1. If you're into historical accuracy like me, 1) you won't score many goals and 2) here's how the Kings were set up in their 1993 playoff run. Forwards: Robitaille-Gretzky-Sandstrom. Rychel filled Robitaille's place when they wanted to "protect" Gretzky. Conacher-Carson-Kurri. Granato-Millen-Donnelly (USA Line) Rychel-Shuchuk-Taylor, rarely used as a 4th line. *Carson was scratched for six playoff games; when that happened, Rychel replaced Robitaille on line 1, with a Robitalle-Conacher-Kurri 2nd line (sometimes with Shuchuk in Conacher's place). *Shuchuk was scratched seven times; Gretzky or Conacher centered the 4th line when that happened. *Sandstrom sometimes double-shifted in place of Taylor *I also remember Granato-Gretzky-Shuchuk and Rychel-Kurri-Sandstrom combinations, probably due to injuries. Defense pairings: Blake-Zhitnik Sydor-McSorley Huddy-Watters Hardy was used as a 7th defenseman when Carson and/or Shuchuk were out, rotating into the 2nd and 3rd pairings but apparently never with Blake/Zhitnik